WiseShe Cheek Contour and Powder Brush | Review

Makeup brushes for me are truly an investment because the right ones will last you for years and have the potential to make your face look flawless regardless of the brands of makeup products you use. This is why I am extremely wary of buying the generic makeup brushes available in stores and on Amazon, because streaky brush strokes, rough bristles and brush hair that shed all over the face are some of my biggest nightmares. While I largely invest only in Real Techniques and Zoeva brushes, my interest was piqued when I noticed the WiseShe brushes launched by Anamika, the blogger behind WiseShe. I picked up the WiseShe Cheek Contour and Powder Brush recently and here is what I think of it so far.

WiseShe Cheek Contour and Powder Brush | Review

First of all, it is the little things that often show the quality of a product even before you start using it – in this case, it was the sturdy cardboard box with a velvet cushioning inside that made me feel that WiseShe is a brand that cares about its customers. The handle of the brush is beautifully crafted with a circular wooden pattern that somehow reminded me of the wands from Harry Potter 🙂 As for the bristles, they are synthetic ones and are SUPER soft to touch!

WiseShe Cheek Contour and Powder Brush | Review

This brush with its extremely soft bristles is perfect for applying blush because it picks up a very small amount of powder that helps in giving a natural flush to the cheeks. It is also ideal for dusting off the setting powder after baking and can be used for contouring if you are looking for a natural shadow on your face as opposed to something intense. While my other contouring brushes pick up a lot more product, which helps in quickly creating a more pigmented look, blending in the colour takes a lot more effort with them, whereas this brush significantly reduces the blending time for me. Also, the long and sturdy handle makes the application of makeup fairly simple.

WiseShe Cheek Contour and Powder Brush | Review

Available at a discounted price of INR 500 on Amazon, this brush is quite worth the money considering the price of brushes from international brands. I am eyeing the eye shadow brushes from the brand already and am hoping that they release a foundation brush soon too. If you are a beginner in makeup who is looking for a reliable, good quality brush or someone who just wants to expand their brush collection then picking up the WiseShe Cheek Contour and Powder Brush is a must!

Click here to buy the WiseShe Cheek Contour and Powder Brush.


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