MondSub Peel Off Charcoal Black Mask | Review

Everybody is loving black peel-off masks these days and I keep trying new ones from time to time. The recent addition to my stash is the MondSub Peel Off Charcoal Mask. This peel off mark claims to deep cleanse the skin, remove blackheads, and remove dark spots. Read on to find out if the product lives up to its claims.

MondSub Peel Off Charcoal Black Mask | Review

First of all, one thing that I did not like about the product is that it also claims to have skin “whitening” properties due to the presence of Arbutin in the formula. Honestly, nobody’s skin needs to be “whitened” and I am waiting for the day when brands stop using this claim as a marketing strategy.

Moving on to the actual performance of the product though, it has all the characteristics of a decent peel off mask. The formula is a slightly thick and sticky black liquid that has a strong odor of chemicals when freshly squeezed out of the tube but the scent fades away within a few minutes. You need to cleanse your face and pat a warm wet towel on it before application to prep your skin and open up the pores. Then apply a thin and even layer of the product on the face avoiding your eyes, hair, and eyebrows. The product dries up within 15-20 minutes and when this happens your skin will feel slightly stretched out. At this point, the mask will start lifting off from the edges and you can pull it gently. Depending on how evenly you had applied the product, it will come off in large pieces. One word of caution is that this mask will pull out a majority of facial hair too, so if you have a peach fuzz then pulling the mask off will be fairly painful. However, the mask does a good job at removing white heads and dead skin, making it worth the pain. Any residual product can be washed off with water and using a toner after this mask is a must.

MondSub Peel Off Charcoal Black Mask | Review

MondSub Peel Off Charcoal Black Mask | Review

Overall, this peel off mask works pretty well but is definitely not meant for sensitive skin. It leaves the skin smooth and bump free and the price point of INR 399 is ok but I am a little worried that the product may dry out in the tube before I am able to finish it off. My hunt for a spectacular black peel off mask still continues but I am satisfied with this product until then.

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