Wet n Wild Foundation Brush | Review

Guest post by Pooja.

Hello to all the beautiful souls out there!

Whether you are a makeup beginner or a pro, this makeup tool is the basic requirement in your kit. Yes, today I will be talking about a foundation brush from the brand Wet n Wild. It’s a flat top foundation brush and it’s in the affordable range. But let’s see whether it’s worth it or not.

Wet n Wild Foundation Brush | Review

So, let’s start with the packaging it comes in – a simple black plastic packaging. Nothing fancy or impressive, just the basic stuff. As it is a flat top brush, my only concern is that the packaging is kinda not appropriate as it looked disshaped when it arrived. The back mentions all the details about the brush. I would rate a 3/10 for the packaging.

Diving further in the review, I was super excited when I came to know that Wet n Wild is launching in India because each and every beauty blogger, Youtuber and beauty enthusiast couldn’t stop praising this affordable and cruelty-free brand. Also, the most exciting part was the beauty tools which they had to offer for a very low price compared to other branded brushes.

I ordered it through Nykaa, but the online presence of Wet n Wild has increased now and it’s available on HOKmakeup and also on Purplle.com.

Coming to the price point, it’s pretty affordable and retails for INR 299 (you might get it -for a discount on other sites or even on Nykaa during sale season.) – Price Rating: 9/10

Wet n Wild Foundation Brush | Review

I am jumping straight to the cons now:

-The bristles are uneven.

-It’s a little rough at first.

-Doesn’t work with all foundations.

-Gives a streaky finish.

-Absorbs the product (in this aspect it’s like a beauty blender)

-Doesn’t really push the foundation into the skin, gives a very made up or an artificial finish.

-Minimises the coverage of the foundation. (Yes, opposite to what the brush is supposed to do)

-I personally do not like the way it’s not stiff while blending the foundation on the skin.

Yup, so many cons. I have tried to make it work in every way possible, but have failed. This is how it is with different types of foundation:

Liquid foundation- Gives a streaky finish. You will have to put in a lot of effort blend with this one.

Cream foundation- It leaves patches on the skin, blends unevenly.

Compacts- It picks up a good amount of product but doesn’t deposit or apply it to the face, you will have to go back into the pan several times.

Talking about the Pros of the tool:


-It becomes really soft after one wash.

-It didn’t shred any bristles on washing.

And, that’s all!!!

Overall Rating: 3/10

Wet n Wild Foundation Brush | Review

Shocker right? It gave me a shock too as I had heard many praises about this one.

Not recommending this one, rather save and buy a PAC brush.

Until the next post, Ciao!!

10 thoughts on “Wet n Wild Foundation Brush | Review

  1. The first makeup brushes I bought were from Wet n Wild since they’re so affordable! It’s a shame that this one didn’t work out for you.

  2. wow so many cons, ugh too bad it didn’t work out cause for this price I wished it was a good brush!! Great review though xx

    • Yes so many cons it shocked me too really wanted it to work but didn’t and thank u so much for appreciating ☺️

  3. I have it on my wishlist in Nykaa, I’ll promptly go remove that from there now. Better to invest in PAC instead because I’ve just started using brushes regularly and would prefer something that is really long lasting and does the job. Good review, thank you

    • Hey yes it’s a good idea to invest in PAC brushes they are of the best quality specially if u want to use it in daily basis. ☺️And thank u for appreciating.

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