Vya Naturals Activated Charcoal & Cedarwood Handmade Soap | Review

The cleansing power of activated charcoal combined with moisturising ingredients makes the perfect skincare recipe for me, not just for the face but also for the body, and my skin is loving the Vya Naturals Activated Charcoal & Cedarwood Handmade Soap lately for this reason. This wonderful handmade soap contains shea butter and a bunch of nourishing oils that make the skin look more healthy and youthful while the charcoal sucks the grime out of the pores and reduces acne and greasiness. Before going into the details of this product, here is a bit about Vya, a very promising and new skincare brand.

About the Brand: “Vya Naturals products are formulated using natural ingredients that are not only safe and non-toxic but also effective. All formulations are original, created by the brand, and tested on people, not animals. Vya Naturals uses therapeutic- grade essential oils, natural plant-based butters, natural clays and plant-based waxes. And they definitely DO NOT use parabens, sulfates, artificial colors, artificial dyes, mineral oils, formaldehyde, animal ingredients, artificial scents, phthalates, chemicals, fillers, mineral oils, or petroleum.
The brand name stands for
● Vimal (pure)
● Yajus (reverence)
● Ayush (healthy life)
Vya is reverence for a pure and healthy life.”

Vya Naturals Activated Charcoal & Cedarwood Handmade Soap | Review

Product Claims: “Vya Naturals Activated Charcoal & Cedarwood soap is 100% natural and your best tool for maintaining healthy glowing skin. We make our soap the old fashioned way by hand, using only the purest ingredients and only in small batches.

– Activated Charcoal has a higher capacity to absorb dirt and oil, leaving your skin clean and also helps eliminate acne, blackheads, and blocked pores.
– Shea Butter along with skin loving oils of coconut, olive and sweet almond leave your skin moisturized and soft for a more youthful appearance.
– Pure essential oils of cedarwood, neroli and cinnamon leaf further protect your skin thanks to their antibacterial, deodorising and antifungal properties.
– Pure coconut oil, olive oil and sweet almond oil have high levels of Vitamin A and E, anti oxidants and squalene, all of which keep your skin looking youthful and hydrated.
100% Vegan
100% Natural Ingredients with ZERO ANIMAL TESTING”

Vya Naturals Activated Charcoal & Cedarwood Handmade Soap | Review

My Experience With The Product: This product is a lovely soap that emanates the refreshing scent of cedarwood that wakes me up every morning. The soaps lathers easily and the foam is greyish in colour, which reminds me of the charcoal powder we used to use for washing our hands back in the day. The ingredient list truly lives up to its claims and the soap is indeed extremely hydrating and softens the skin while detoxifying it. Not only does the product rejuvenate the skin, it keeps it fresh for long due to its deodorising properties and makes it easier to survive the scorching weather. This soap is also great for cleaning the face because it calms down acne and any skin irritation and does not leave a stretchy feeling on the skin. Overall, the product is absolutely perfect for the summer months and will suit all skin types. I will definitely be stocking up on it for the hot months ahead.

Vya Naturals Activated Charcoal & Cedarwood Handmade Soap | Review

Availability: Available on Amazon India (Click here to buy). The soap is priced at INR 295 for a 125gm bar but the brand is currently running a discount of 10% on Amazon, so go grab it now!

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So do make use of this amazing offer and I hope that you love this product as much as I do!

Disclaimer: PR sample sent by the brand but all opinions are honest and my own.