Ryaal Grapefruit Essential Oil | Review

I am a huge fan of citrus scents, especially in the summer months, and like to drench my home, clothes, and skin in lemony fragrances when the mercury rises. The Ryaal Grapefruit Essential Oil has recently become my favourite oil for the diffuser because it adds a fresh summery scent to my home that has a calming effect on my mind. I trust the quality of Ryaal’s essential oils and their 100% pure grapefruit essential oil is no exception. Here are some of the ways in which I use this product.

Ryaal Grapefruit Essential Oil | Review

You can use this delightful grapefruit oil in your diffuser for some relaxing aroma therapy and can also apply a few drops to your clothes or pillow for its refreshing scent to uplift your mood all day long. An added bonus of this is that the scent keeps the mosquitoes away, which is a MAJOR plus if you live in India. Grapefruit oil is also great at brightening dull and tired skin, so you can mix in a drop with your face mask or serum to get that natural glow on your face. Honestly, there are a bunch of other ways in which this product can be used but these are my favourite ways to use this oil.

Ryaal Grapefruit Essential Oil | Review

Everything about this product is perfect, from the sturdy bottle with a dropper, to the super affordable price of INR 199 for 15ml of product, to the quality of the oil. Ryaal also has a bunch of other essential oils in their collection which you can try in case you are not grapefruit-crazy like me. So do check out their fascinating range and let me know if you try out any of their products 🙂

Click here to buy the Ryaal Grapefruit Essential Oil.


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