Kanai Organics – Plant Based Beauty | Review

Clean skincare is something that always attracts me, and when the brand sources ingredients from the wonderful ecosystems of the country and gives back to the remotest regions of India, I am definitely going to talk about it. This fascinating brand is Kanai Organics, a plant-based beauty brand that has recently released an Avocado Oil Moisturiser and an Aloe Vera Manjishtha Face Wash. Before talking about these products in detail, here is a brief introduction about the brand:

“Kanai’s emphasis is on making nature the star of the product. Using ingredients like Apricot, Turmeric, Aloe Vera, Reetha, Manjistha, Sesame, Avocado, Nutmeg, we build products that promise to enhance and beautify naturally. Our promise to the customer is that at least 95% of the ingredients used will be natural and ethically sourced by using fair trade practices. 

Our idea of beauty doesn’t just limit itself to the body but also to the heart. And what better way to prove it than to be kind and give back to those that deserve it the most? Kanai remains committed to never testing on animals and giving away proceeds from the sale of each product to the Rural Development Institute which works to address the needs of women, children and adolescents in some of the remotest parts of the Himalayas.”

Kanai Organics - Plant Based Beauty | Review

I love the honesty of the brand where they claim to be at least 95% natural, whereas many brands resort to marketing gimmicks where they claim that they are 100% natural but the ingredient list states otherwise. This brand is inspired by Indian ingredients and is making sure that the growers of these ingredients continue to have a livelihood. This really impressed me even before I started using the products, but without much ado, here are my thoughts on their face wash and moisturiser.

Kanai Organics - Plant Based Beauty | Review

Kanai Organics - Plant Based Beauty | Review

Kanai Organics - Plant Based Beauty | Review

My skin loves anything with Avocado oil in it and the Kanai Avocado Oil Moisturiser is no exception. It contains a lot of ingredients that are great for the skin, such as sesame oil, liquorice & neem extracts, and of course, avocado oil and is rich in Vitamins A, C, D, E, and K. I also love the fact that it has a natural SPF 15 in it, which is great for when you are stepping out for a short while. This moisturiser is extremely light-weight and sinks into the skin beautifully, without leaving any white cast. It has a mild pleasant scent and an extremely soothing effect on the skin. This moisturiser can be used on the body as well as the face, but I have been using it only on my body and I must say, my skin feels way softer and smoother than before. Priced at INR 600 for a 100ml tube, I feel that the price of the product is justified considering the great ingredients and the fact that some of the proceeds from every purchase go towards supporting the rural communities of the Himalayan region.

Kanai Organics - Plant Based Beauty | Review

Kanai Organics - Plant Based Beauty | Review

Kanai Organics - Plant Based Beauty | Review

The Kanai Aloe Vera Manjishtha Face Wash is very unique because it is free of chemical soap, and contains natural Reetha extracts instead. Because of this, the face wash is extremely gentle and does not lather much, but cleanses the skin really well. The Manjishtha extracts brighten the skin while the aloe vera hydrates it. My skin feels baby soft after each wash and has not broken out since I started using the product. In fact, my existing acne has also reduced significantly because of this face wash. This product is perfect for those with extremely dry or sensitive skin, and those with oily skin can use it as a second step of a double cleanse routine. Priced at INR 550 for a 100ml tube, this face wash is a must buy for all those whose skin is extremely sensitive to chemicals.

As you can probably tell, I am already a huge fan of the brand and can’t wait for them to come up with more products. Meanwhile, why don’t you try these two products and let me know what you think about them?

Click here to buy the Kanai Avocado Oil Moisturiser from Amazon.

Click here to buy the Kanai Aloe Vera Manjishtha Face Wash from Amazon.

Stalk Kanai Organics on Instagram! (@kanaiorganics)

Brand Website

Disclaimer – Products sent by the brand, but all opinions are honest and my own


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