Bahala Handmade Soaps | Review

If you have been following this blog for some time, you might know that I am not the hugest fan of solid soaps and prefer body washes instead. I never purchase soap bars for myself, but when I received the Bahala Handmade Soaps in a giveaway hamper from HoneyPot, their fragrance was so alluring that I HAD TO start using them asap! So here are my thoughts on these lovely handmade soaps.

Bahala Handmade Soaps | Review

I received two soaps from the range, the Coffe n Oatmeal soap and the Orange n Lemongrass soap. The former smells exactly like cookies and cream while the latter has the sweet and zesty scent of orange. When you put one of these soap bars in your bathroom, trust me you won’t need a room freshener, that’s how beautiful their scents are, without any fake perfumy notes. Also, these soap bars are nor weirdly shaped or sticky like many of the handmade soaps out there, which is why using them is not a messy affair at all.

Bahala Handmade Soaps | Review

I have used the Coffee n Oatmeal soap quite a lot and it is extremely hydrating and gentle on the skin aka perfect for winters. Coffee has anti-oxidising properties while oatmeal is famous as a nourishing skin food that heals and repairs dry and damaged skin. It froths easily but is not overly drying on the skin, my body feels well-moisturised after using the soap and the calming oatmeal scent lingers on for hours. I haven’t used the Orange n Lemongrass soap much yet but its ingredients are perfect to prevent oiliness and infections, something that will definitely help those with acne-prone skin. I think I will get more use from this in the warmer months because its sweet orange scent and astringent properties are ideal for summer.

Bahala Handmade Soaps | Review

Each of these soap bars is priced at INR 125 but I think that the price is appropriate for how good they are. They have natural ingredients and have improved the texture of my skin more than any body wash ever has. Perhaps this brand has converted me into a soap bar lover! So, if you are looking for a fragrant and nourishing bath experience then do give Bahala soaps a try!

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13 thoughts on “Bahala Handmade Soaps | Review

  1. Sounds great! Funny tho, we also have the word “Bahala” here in the Philippines. There isn’t any direct translation for it, but can be used in several ways.

  2. Very neat! I make soap myself and am always looking for new tips and tricks! Do you think having more oats in the bar of soap would have helped as an exfoliant or been too much? Also what do you think makes many hand made soap bars are sticky??

    • More oats would be lovely for exfoliation. Not sure about the sticky part though, I just don’t like when handmade soaps start melting or become goopy, I prefer them to be firmer.

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