SkinYoga Marigold Foot Soak | Review

I have recently been obsessed with foot soaks because nothing beats soaking your feet in warm, fragrant water when you wish to unwind after a long day. One of the foot soaks that I have been using lately is the SkinYoga Marigold Foot Soak, which is a combination of marigold extracts, sea salt, and coconut oil.

SkinYoga Marigold Foot Soak | Review

This foot soak is more of a moisturizing foot soak than a detanning or exfoliating one. It comes in the form of a vibrant yellow crumbly powder which contains bits of marigold petals and solid coconut oil. Upon mixing with warm water, the oil turns into a liquid and the petals remain floating in the water, creating a hydrating and luxurious looking soak.

SkinYoga Marigold Foot Soak | Review

My feet feel completely relaxed and moisturized after dipping them in this foot soak for around 10-15 minutes. Like I said, this product is not very exfoliating but the salt and the warm water do help to get rid of some of the dead skin, revealing softer feet. Overall, this is a nice product for pampering your feet but the price of INR 1550 for 200gms of product seems a little steep to me. However, one sachet shown in the picture is of 22gms and gives me 2-3 uses when used judiciously, so it is not too expensive if you do the math. If you like hydrating foot soaks and love colorful bath products then you must give this one a shot!

I hope that this review was helpful, you can buy the SkinYoga Marigold Foot Soak here.



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