PAC Beauty Blender Sponge (Classic) |Review

Believe it or not, until the last month, I had never used a makeup blending sponge in my life. Once you have stopped gasping about this fact, I will tell you why – simply because I like a medium to full coverage with my foundation and sponges are known to sheer down every face product. However, curiosity finally got the better of me and I brought home the PAC Beauty Blender Classic Sponge, because it was one of the most affordable sponges I could find in India. Now, I have never used the original beauty blender, so I cannot tell you whether this sponge comes close to the real deal or not, but if you want the opinion of someone from the “brush club” on this makeup blending sponge then read on.

PAC Beauty Blender Sponge (Classic) |Review

First of all, I must say that I was pretty impressed with the packaging of the product. For the price of INR 485, I expected it to come in some flimsy plastic box but no, this sponge comes in a sturdy and high-end looking black cardboard box that has a slot for the sponge to sit in! Really PAC, you have managed to get my attention! Moving on to the sponge, it is soft and squishy and does expand in size when you wet it thoroughly, becoming even softer and squishier, so much so that you can literally squeeze it flat between your fingers.

When you apply a foundation with this sponge, it does soak in a good amount of the product and does sheer down the coverage to more of a natural to medium, but it literally provides a fully blended look in a matter of seconds! Although I won’t be reaching for this sponge on the days when I want to look porcelain-perfect, I will definitely be using this on the good skin days when I just need a slight wash of color on my face. If you have a foundation that looks too cakey on you or a contouring shade that looks a bit harsh, then this sponge will blend the product like a dream and will remove any cakiness or sharp lines. So basically, while a brush or even your fingers can help you get the doll-like flawless look with your makeup, this sponge can make you look like a painting with all the colors seamlessly blended in. Also, since you can mould this sponge into any shape of your liking, it can be used easily for applying concealer under the eyes as well as for contouring, making it a no-fuss product for when you are in a rush.

PAC Beauty Blender Sponge (Classic) |Review

If you are new to the beauty blender game then I would recommend starting off with this affordable alternative to figure out whether you are actually a sponge person or not before investing in other expensive options. For someone like me who usually uses a makeup brush, this sponge keeps me covered on the days when I want to do all my blending with one tool and want a more natural look. For the super affordable price, I honestly couldn’t have asked for more from this product.

I hope that this review was useful. You can buy the PAC Beauty Blender Classic Sponge here.

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