How To Sell Your Clothes And Makeup On The Elanic App

Are you someone who buys things impulsively and regrets purchasing them the very next day? Or someone that buys something online and then is just too lazy to return it even if it’s the wrong size or color? If you have piles of unused clothes or makeup lying around your house then instead of hoarding them or throwing them away, why not make some money by selling them online? Today I will be talking about an app named Elanic that makes selling pre-owned items extremely easy and hassle free.

Elanic allows you to sell any unused or gently used clothes, makeup items or other lifestyle products from the comfort of your home. What is more, they arrange a pick-up of the items from your house so you don’t have to worry about sharing your address or contact details with strangers. All you need to do is download and install the app, create an account, click and upload pictures of the products that you want to sell, and then wait for offers from other users once your post goes live after approval. As with any other shopping app in the market, this one comes with its set of pros and cons. So here is an overview of what I liked and did not like about this app.


1. All bargaining and interaction with potential buyers happens via the chat option on the app, no need to disclose your contact details to strangers.

2. Elanic arranges the pick up of the items from your house as per the time slot requested by you.

3. Money is credited to your Elanic account in the form of Elanic credits if the buyer does not request a return within 3 days of receiving the item.

4. In case the buyer returns the item, you can opt for it to be delivered back to you or can ask the team to keep it in their inventory for future sale.



1. Elanic credits can be encashed by requesting a transfer to your bank account only if your wallet balance exceeds INR 300. Until then, you can only use these credits to purchase items from the app.

2. Elanic charges a commission on every item that you sell, which is deducted from the price you quote for the item. However, they do mention this when you upload a new item and show the actual amount you will be receiving.

3. Most of the buyers on the app do a lot of haggling and want to buy even branded, new stuff at dirt cheap prices. So if you have something fairly expensive, be ready to sell it for a very low price or you may not be able to strike a deal.

4. There are not many great options in case you wish to purchase products. Some of the makeup items on sale seem fake and the collection of clothes is not very huge. But again, if you find a trustworthy seller then you may get some great items.

So this was a brief summary of my thoughts on Elanic. Personally, I use it more for the purpose decluttering than making money so I feel that it is pretty cool that I can send my clothes to a better home without much hassle. I would definitely recommend all of you to try out the app, especially if you are a hoarder with a huge pile of unused clothes in your closet.

If you do end up installing the app, then do check out the products I have put up for sale. My user name is @sachan.mrinalini. Also, here is a referral code that you can use while signing up to get INR 100 in your Elanic wallet on joining the app – M7CKLX

Have you used any app for selling pre-owned items? Let me know about your experience in the comments below!

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Soultree Viola & Kokum Butter Lip Balm | Review

Unlike most people, I am extremely picky about my lip balms. Anything that needs to be reapplied twenty times a day or clings to the dry patches does not make the cut for me. This obsession for lip balms started during my college years when I first discovered the joys (read sorrows) of pigmented and chapped lips. My lips still act up occasionally when I become a little lazy about scrubbing or moisturizing them, which is when I need a good sheer lip balm to come to my rescue. The Soultree Viola & Kokum Butter Lip Balm is what is currently nourishing my lips and I am absolutely loving it!

Soultree Viola & Kokum Butter Lip Balm | Review

This lovely lip balm looks mauvish pink in the tube but does not impart any color to the lips. However, it is top notch in the hydration department and leaves my lips feeling moisturized for hours, without any greasiness or stickiness. When freshly applied, it smells like the coconut toffees that every kid in India consumed during the 90’s but the scent disappears soon and it does not have any discernible taste either. The formula contains Ghee, which is known to lighten pigmented lips while hydrating them, as well as a blend of seven organic oils and Kokum Butter. It is also free of parabens, sulfates, lead, and petroleum, and is a vegetarian product.

Soultree Viola & Kokum Butter Lip Balm | Review

I love the softness that this lip balm imparts to my lips as well as the longevity of the product (I only apply it twice a day). The violet and brown packaging has also stolen my heart, although the cap does not click shut, which means that the cap may come off if not stored carefully and the lip balm may collect dust and grime. Other than this flaw in the packaging, I absolutely adore this product and feel that the price tag of INR 295 for 3.5 gms of lip balm is completely justified. This is definitely going to be my autumn-winter staple and if you are a lip balm snob just like me then you should also get your hands on this product asap!

I hope that this review was helpful. You can buy the Soultree Viola & Kokum Butter Lip Balm here.

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Seer Secrets Benzoin and Gudalur Vanilla Bath & Shower Oil |Review

It is so cool that all the bath products that I used to watch YouTubers from other countries rave about are now available in India. From bath bombs to bath salts, Indian brands are upping the game and are bringing unique products to our bath tubs and I am one happy girl! The Benzoin and Gudalur Vanilla Bath & Shower Oil from Seer Secrets is one such product that is bringing a luxurious feel to my baths these days.

Seer Secrets Benzoin and Gudalur Vanilla  Bath & Shower Oil |Review

This product is an all natural shower oil that has the amazing scent of vanilla and is free of all the harmful substances such as parabens, sulfates, and mineral oil. All you need to do is slather this all over your wet skin in the shower or bath and rub it into your skin until you see the oil turn slightly milky. Then rinse it off and you are left with super soft and glowing skin that does not need any body lotion afterwards. Although it is not a very powerful cleanser, it scores full marks in the hydration department, and if you like a stronger body wash then you can use this oil as the second step in the shower. Since this oil is used in the shower, it does not leave the skin sticky or greasy like most body oils do and this is the reason that I enjoy using this product so much.

Seer Secrets Benzoin and Gudalur Vanilla  Bath & Shower Oil |Review

Priced at INR 549 for a 100 ml bottle, this shower oil is a little expensive but the performance and the ingredients justify the cost. Plus, it eliminates the need for a body lotion and only a few drops are sufficient for hydrating the entire body, so I feel that it is not as expensive as it may seem. I feel that this product is perfect for the winters, especially if you live in an area where the cold is not extremely harsh but you still need some extra hydration for your skin. I will definitely be stocking up on this shower oil for the colder months ahead and recommend all of you to do the same 🙂

I hope that this review was helpful. You can buy the Seer Secrets Benzoin and Gudalur Vanilla Bath & Shower Oil here.

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Natural Bath & Body Wild Wonder Body Mist | Review

Perfumes are some of the most expensive personal care items in the world. A good perfume is a guilty pleasure which is best received as a birthday present instead of purchased with one’s own hard earned money 😛 Luckily, we now have body mists in the market which bring some of the most popular scents of perfume brands at approximately half the price. Unfortunately, the body mists of brands such as The Body Shop are still fairly expensive in India and are perhaps not the most pocket-friendly for many. This is why I decided to try out the Natural Bath & Body Wild Wonder Body Mist, which is one of the most affordable body mists available in India.

Natural Bath & Body Wild Wonder Body Mist | Review

When freshly sprayed, this body mist has a strong floral scent with a strange salty-aquatic undertone that may put off many. However, give it some time to settle and it tones down to a mild floral scent with no hints of that saltiness. Since it is a body mist and not an Eau de Parfum, it does not last on the skin for more than 2-3 hours, but if you do not like to retouch your fragrance throughout the day then you can spritz some on your clothes for 5-6 hours of longevity. The floral scent is definitely nothing too signature or outstanding, but if you want to smell pleasant on a regular day, without your fragrance standing out too much, then this will do the job. I also love the spray on this bottle because it releases a fine and even mist instead of squirting out big droplets.

Natural Bath & Body Wild Wonder Body Mist | Review

Priced at INR 325 for a 200 ml travel-friendly plastic bottle, this body mist is pretty affordable for a decent fragrance. It is nothing too amazing but not a dud product either. Since I like switching up my perfumes, I won’t be repurchasing this any time soon but I will certainly finish up this bottle (and hope that someone gifts me a fabulous perfume on a special occasion 😉 ). If you know of any affordable and good perfumes in India then do let me know in the comments below. In the meantime, if you wish to purchase this one then click on this link.

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Bio Bloom Hair Cleanser – Nourishing | Review

Hair products are some of the trickiest things to review, what works really well for one person may end up ruining another’s hair. So I would request you all to take this review with a grain of salt, but if you have hair similar to mine, chances are that you will be disappointed by the Nourishing Hair Cleanser from Bio Bloom. I have long and fine hair that is quite dry at the ends with oily roots, and this hair cleanser worked no magic on my mane.

Bio Bloom Hair Cleanser - Nourishing | Review

This product is paraben free and sulfate free and contains the extracts of Amla, Brahmi, and Hibiscus, some of the traditional super foods for hair. Despite a promising ingredient list, the hair cleanser failed to impress me because it did not do a good job at thoroughly cleaning my hair and scalp. It has a thick, gel-like consistency that doesn’t lather well at all. I got absolutely no lather during the first round of washing and had to go in with a second round to get the lather I am used to. Post rinsing and drying my hair, I could still notice significant oiliness at my roots which usually does not appear until the 2nd or 3rd day after shampooing. I am someone who shampoos their hair no more than twice a week and therefore need a more heavy duty cleanser.

Bio Bloom Hair Cleanser - Nourishing | Review

This product claims to nourish and strengthen the hair to prevent breakage. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to use this long enough to see if it helps with breakage but it did leave my hair feeling silkier and looking more lustrous than usual. Therefore, it does live up to its claim of being nourishing but I wish that the cleansing action had been stronger too. To be honest, the silkiness and shine can be achieved with the help of a more affordable brand like Sunsilk while this one costs INR 350 for a 100ml bottle that comes with a pump (unlike the circular opening in the sample size shown above). Luckily, I had ordered a sample from Smytten so I didn’t waste a lot of money and I won’t be buying the full sized product for sure. If you like a very mild hair cleanser with natural ingredients then you can try this one but for all the ladies out there with greasy roots, I will be testing out a raved about product for limp hair very soon! So, stay tuned to the blog if you want hair product recommendations for your hair type.

I hope that this review was helpful, you can buy the Bio Bloom Nourishing Hair Cleanser here.

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Athleisure – What This Trend Is All About

The latest buzz in the fashion industry is to add an element of comfort to clothes, without compromising on design. Practical yet stylish clothing is the mantra of this season and people are embracing it with open arms. From the airport to the boardroom, one can spot a switch towards fabrics that allow the skin to breathe and yet leave room for expressing an individual’s personality. This trend of incorporating sportswear inspired attire in the daily wardrobe is aptly termed as Athleisure, a name that it is here to stay.

Athleisure goes way beyond simply wearing your Yoga pants to work; it is essentially overhauling the definition of business casual clothing. Some common instances of Athleisure, which have carved a niche for themselves as acceptable wardrobe choices, are wearing sneakers with dresses and sporting bralettes with a pair of jeans for a casual day out. However, if you dig deeper, Athleisure has also encouraged brands to bring out casual collections that use stretchable and comfortable fabrics, such as Lycra and spandex. These materials that were once restricted to athletic wear are taking the market by storm. From t-shirts to leggings, they offer a new level of comfort that was formerly associated only with sports apparel.

Athleisure - What This Trend Is All About

Cute silk pajamas are rapidly being replaced by more practical loungewear, such as tank tops and spandex leggings. With innumerable colors and patterns hitting the stores, these outfits provide an added bonus that you can step out of the house without changing. As the SoulCycle co-founder, Julie Rice, expressed in an interview with Vogue [1] “It’s a trend. People of all ages are wearing their workoutwear all day now, whether it’s leggings with a longer coat and a scarf, or someone younger wearing a cropped T-shirt with a denim jacket and some high-heeled boots. People shop for their athleticwear thinking, How can I wear this from the studio to the street?”.

Even in a business environment, more and more companies are slackening their dress codes to make them flexible and convenient for the employees. While track pants and t-shirts were frowned upon just a decade ago, they are pretty ubiquitous this year in the modern workplace. In fact, the work environment is where Athleisure can make the hugest difference. Sweat absorbent and odor-resistant fabrics can really help a busy executive as he or she wrestles with mounds of work round the clock. Ergonomic yet aesthetically pleasing, Athleisure is the harbinger of a revolution in the workplace – a shift in the mindset of corporate giants. The days of judging a professional by the crispness of his shirt and the perfection of his Windsor knot are slowly but surely disappearing.

Athleisure - What This Trend Is All About

Not only is Athleisure a sensible choice, it is a fashionable one too. Check out the Instagram pictures of any fashionista and you will notice elements of sportswear mixed and matched with high fashion items. Jennifer Bandier, the owner of the active fashion game changer BANDIER, mentioned in a conversation with[2] “The fashion industry is inspired by today’s ‘it-girls’ and tastemakers who wear leggings all the time, pair Nike sneakers with dresses and incorporate active, bodycon components into their overall look,”. Bandier has hit the bull’s eye as to why Athleisure has become such a massive rage in such a short span of time. After all, if your favorite fashion diva can rock those leggings to a brunch with the girls then why shouldn’t you?

The key question that arises is, how much is too much? There is a thin line between looking casual chic and looking like you had to make a mad dash from the gym to the office. The secret lies in not going too overboard and adding just a sprinkle of sportswear to your outfit. Take a cue from the latest obsession of mixing high-end and low-end pieces in one look. A well-fitted jacket or a beautiful choker can instantly elevate a casual outfit and can make it look way more put together. The right accessories go a long way in transforming you from a sweaty mess to a show stopper, as explained by stylist Rob Zangardi in his conversation with Vogue [3], “A pair of mirrored sunglasses, a structured leather jacket, a shirt tied around the waist . . . the key is that the piece has a sleek, sporty feel itself. Don’t add a vintage fringed jacket to your Lululemon Wunder Unders or cat-eye sunnies to your zip-up Nike jacket.” Also, stick with the neutral shades for work, black, gray and white leggings are way more appropriate than neon pink ones, which are better suited for a casual outing.

Athleisure is one trend that, when mastered, can make styling outfits an extremely easy job. It is this simplicity that has appealed to the masses, making Athleisure a global phenomenon. From the United States of America to China [4], Athleisure has spread its wings over the planet and it is not going anywhere. If anything, it is beginning to leave its imprint on formal attire as well. The amalgamation of active wear and glamor seems to be the next big leap for Athleisure, and it is already making its presence felt in the world of high fashion. Red Carpet dresses and haute couture inspired by gym wear is not as far-fetched a prediction as one may think.

Combining the luxurious element of high-end fashion with the breathability of sportswear is the direction which Athleisure seems to be approaching. Gowns with mesh details, sneakers embellished with studs, and bomber jackets made with silk are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the potential of this groundbreaking trend. If there is a way to look fashionable that does not involve straps digging into the flesh and corsets sucking the air out of the stomach, there are bound to be many takers. Perhaps, with time, the word leisure will get dropped from the equation as athletic wear starts to make an appearance at all occasions ranging from job interviews to formal galas!


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How To Get Free Beauty Samples In India With The Smytten App

Whether you are a beauty blogger on a budget or someone who likes to test a product before investing in a full-sized bottle, you will know the importance of the sample sized versions of beauty products. Smytten is a unique app in India that allows you to try out samples of a variety of beauty, skincare, and lifestyle products for almost free! The app charges a shipping charge plus GST that amounts to INR 88, in return for 3 decently sized samples of your choice.

How this works is that you need to install the Smytten app, link it to your Facebook or LinkedIn profile for verification, and request for an invite code. Once you receive the invite code in your email, simply type it into the app to log onto your new profile. Now, you can select 3 products from the list of currently available samples and can order these for only INR 88, as mentioned above. Once you try out these products, you can review them on the app to earn points for ordering 3 more samples. Smytten also has a regular online store on the app, purchasing from which will also give you some points for trying out more samples.

How To Get Free Beauty Samples In India With The Smytten App

My Experience – Although I have heard a few people saying that they experienced an issue in receiving the invite code, in my case, it was delivered to my inbox within a few hours of my request. I proceeded with ordering my samples which were promptly delivered to me within 2 days and in impressive packaging as shown in the image above. It is commendable that despite these being free samples, Smytten has paid attention to providing a luxurious feel to the packaging. This justifies the shipping charge in my opinion, and to further dig into the pricing, here is a breakdown of the total worth of the box that I received:

Natural Bath & Body Rose & Mint Facial Water – Price of full sized product (100ml) = INR 350. Price of 30ml sample = INR 105

Bio Bloom Hair Cleanser – Price of full sized product (200ml) = INR 699. Price of 30ml sample = INR 104.85

Iraa Instashield Anti-Photoageing Cream – Price of full sized product (50gm) = INR 789. Price of 3gm sample = INR 47.34

Therefore, the total worth of my box was approximately INR 258 while I only had to pay INR 88. This is a great bargain in my opinion, and I will definitely be ordering my next round of samples after reviewing these products. Smytten keeps updating their collection of samples on a regular basis, so you will surely find something that interests you. Most of the products are from premium brands, which makes the samples an even more practical way to try out something luxurious without burning a hole in your pocket. So if you are someone who is enthusiastic about discovering new brands and products then you must try out the Smytten app!

Check out the Smytten website here.

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Iraa Instashield Anti-Photoageing Cream | Review

As a beauty blogger, you sometimes stumble upon products that surprise you. The Iraa Instashield Anti-Photoageing Creams fits right into this category of products. This tinted moisturizer claims to reduce and prevent dark sun spots, which are a sign of photo ageing, while providing an even skin tone and glow to the face instantly. I was definitely intrigued by the claims and the product seemed like something unique, which is why I ordered a sample from Smytten, and I am so glad that I did!

Iraa Instashield Anti-Photoageing Cream | Review

This cream has a peachy tint which provides an extremely sheer coverage on the skin. It does not conceal any imperfections and only reduces the redness to a certain extent, therefore, it is meant for those good skin days or can be worn under a foundation. The star of the show, however, is the glow that it provides. It seems that the folks at Iraa take their glow seriously because, boy, this cream works better than any highlighter I own. If you have super dry skin that has lost its natural radiance then you MUST try out this product for a healthy glow. The shine may be a bit too much for those with oily skin, so I would recommend them to either apply the cream only to the parts they want to highlight or to tone things down with a powder or a matte foundation. When I apply this product on my oily skin, the glow is a bit too much for me, but when I apply some Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Foundation over it then it makes me look radiant and prevents the foundation from clinging to the bumps and stray dry patches on my face.

Also, this cream has a sticky texture, which makes the foundation adhere better to the skin and makes it last longer. It also contains SPF 30, which means that this is a moisturiser, sunscreen, AND primer combined in one! However, the sticky texture may seem a bit heavy and uncomfortable to some, so make sure to use only a teeny bit of the product (this small sachet lasted me for 5-6 uses!). Every time I used this product, I noticed that my skin was softer and seemed more nourished. The texture takes some getting used to though, and if you notice that the cream is making your makeup slide a little, it means that you are using too much of the product. Once you nail the amount to use, I am sure that you will enjoy this cream a lot.

Iraa Instashield Anti-Photoageing Cream | Review

The Iraa Instashield Anti-Photoageing Cream is priced at INR 789 for a 50gm bottle that comes with a pump. You can also get a sample from the Smytten app. In my opinion, this is a must buy for those with super dry skin, but I would recommend those with oily skin to try out a sample first. I for sure will be buying the full sized product soon to help me achieve that celebrity glow without much effort and to keep looking radiant all day long!

I hope that this review was helpful. You can buy the Iraa Instashield Anti-Photoageing Cream here.

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Natural Bath & Body Rose & Mint Facial Water | Review

Rose water has been known as an excellent toner since time immemorial. Add to it the cooling freshness of mint and you have the perfect concoction for your skin for the summer. The Natural Bath & Body Rose & Mint Facial Water combines these two ingredients to produce a fragrant and rejuvenating facial mist cum toner. I got a sample size from Smytten which does not have a spray so I have been using it only as a toner, but the full sized product comes with a spray for easy spritzing throughout the day.

This product first emanates the soothing scent of roses when applied to the skin, then the zesty fragrance of mint kicks in. This facial water is paraben and sulfate free which makes it all the better for the skin. The peppermint oil helps to calm down any redness or itchiness while the rose extracts gently nourish the skin and provide a natural glow with regular usage.

Natural Bath & Body Rose & Mint Facial Water Review

This facial mist is priced at INR 350 for 100ml of the product, which is a little steep, but if you do not have the time to stir up your own skin care products at home and want an option that is easy to throw into the hand bag then you may consider trying out the product. If you have sensitive skin that does not agree with chemicals then this is one item that you must include in your skincare regime.

I hope that this review was helpful. You can buy the Natural Rose & Mint Facial Water here.

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