How To Get Free Beauty Samples In India With The Smytten App

Whether you are a beauty blogger on a budget or someone who likes to test a product before investing in a full-sized bottle, you will know the importance of the sample sized versions of beauty products. Smytten is a unique app in India that allows you to try out samples of a variety of beauty, skincare, and lifestyle products for almost free! The app charges a shipping charge plus GST that amounts to INR 88, in return for 3 decently sized samples of your choice.

How this works is that you need to install the Smytten app, link it to your Facebook or LinkedIn profile for verification, and request for an invite code. Once you receive the invite code in your email, simply type it into the app to log onto your new profile. Now, you can select 3 products from the list of currently available samples and can order these for only INR 88, as mentioned above. Once you try out these products, you can review them on the app to earn points for ordering 3 more samples. Smytten also has a regular online store on the app, purchasing from which will also give you some points for trying out more samples.

How To Get Free Beauty Samples In India With The Smytten App

My Experience – Although I have heard a few people saying that they experienced an issue in receiving the invite code, in my case, it was delivered to my inbox within a few hours of my request. I proceeded with ordering my samples which were promptly delivered to me within 2 days and in impressive packaging as shown in the image above. It is commendable that despite these being free samples, Smytten has paid attention to providing a luxurious feel to the packaging. This justifies the shipping charge in my opinion, and to further dig into the pricing, here is a breakdown of the total worth of the box that I received:

Natural Bath & Body Rose & Mint Facial Water – Price of full sized product (100ml) = INR 350. Price of 30ml sample = INR 105

Bio Bloom Hair Cleanser – Price of full sized product (200ml) = INR 699. Price of 30ml sample = INR 104.85

Iraa Instashield Anti-Photoageing Cream – Price of full sized product (50gm) = INR 789. Price of 3gm sample = INR 47.34

Therefore, the total worth of my box was approximately INR 258 while I only had to pay INR 88. This is a great bargain in my opinion, and I will definitely be ordering my next round of samples after reviewing these products. Smytten keeps updating their collection of samples on a regular basis, so you will surely find something that interests you. Most of the products are from premium brands, which makes the samples an even more practical way to try out something luxurious without burning a hole in your pocket. So if you are someone who is enthusiastic about discovering new brands and products then you must try out the Smytten app!

Check out the Smytten website here.

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  1. I too received my samples few days back and sadly none of them worked well for me. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Although it was me who had ordered them in the first place. 😜

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