Navami Makeup Look | Purple Themed Eye and Lip Makeup

Happy Navami! Today’s colour is purple, so here is my purple makeup look for the day. This look may not be very wearable but during the festival season, the brighter the better! So here are some pictures, I hope you like them!




With this, I end my series on the colours of Navratri. I hope that you liked these looks and got some makeup inspiration for the ongoing festive season. Hope you have a fabulous Navami today and an amazing Dussehra tomorrow! I will be back soon with more makeup looks and product reviews 🙂


Ashtami Makeup Look | Pink Smoky Eye Makeup

Hello everyone! In continuation to yesterday’s post, today is Maha Ashtami, the 8th day of Durga Pooja and the color of the day is Pink! Since I have already published a few soft pink makeup looks on the blog already, today I created a more smoky look. So without much ado, here are a few pics of my Asthami look 🙂




I hope you are enjoying this colorful Navratri series. I will be back tomorrow with another colorful look. Until then, have an amazing and joyous Maha Ashtami!

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Maha Saptami Makeup Look | Blue and Purple Eyeshadow

Subho Maha Saptami! I am too sick to write a lot today but basically, in India, we are celebrating the festival of Durga Puja at the moment and today is the 7th day or Maha Saptami. Each day of Durga Puja is associated with a different color and the color for Maha Saptami is Blue. So I decided to do a bright blue eye makeup today. I have used an electric blue on my lids and lower lash line and then toned it down with a plum-purple shade in my outer corners and crease. The eyeshadows I have used for the look are from a palette that I am currently testing out so there will be a full-fledged review later.

So without much ado, here are a few pictures of my makeup for the day.




I will be posting some more colorful makeup looks really soon so stay tuned to the blog for more!

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3 Subscription Boxes That Are Great Diwali Gifts

The festive season is already here and Diwali is right around the corner! Amidst all the fun and celebrations, the one thing that might be bothering you is what to gift to your loved ones. Luckily, the subscription boxes in India have upped their game and these boxes can be a wonderful alternative to the run of the mill Mithai ka Dibba. So here are my top 3 recommendations for subscription boxes that you can gift to your friends and family to make their smiles even wider this Diwali.

Image source –

1. Flicbox- Everybody and their mothers love chocolates, which makes a box of chocolates a foolproof present for people of all ages. Flicbox is a subscription service that provides curated boxes of chocolates that are not readily available in India. Brands such as Lindt, Hershey, and Toblerone that are quite expensive in Indian stores are available at a much affordable price in the Flicbox. You can choose between a mini, medium, or giant box and can buy a single box or a subscription for 3 months, 6 months, or a year. You better order a box for yourself as well because who can resist the temptation of digging into imported chocolates?

Book Now –


2. Snack Experts – If you and your family members do not stop counting the calories during the festive season then fret not! With Snack Experts, you can gift healthy yet tasty munchies to your loved ones. You can buy a Standard Snack Box that comes with 5 snack pouches weighing 150gms each or can also purchase some special healthy desserts that Snack Experts has brought out for Diwali, such as Kaju Katli’s made with palm jaggery and Mysore Pak made with beetroot! Gift these yummy delights to your friends and family so that they can indulge in the sweetness of the season without any guilt 🙂

Book Now –

Check out my review.


3. Mauvelush – If you wish to venture out of the food domain then try out the October – Diwali edition of Mauvelush. This luxury subscription box contains festival appropriate items such as a beautiful pair of earrings and a decorative bird cage with fairy lights. This box is perfect for the women in your life who forget to pamper themselves while preparing for the Diwali festivities. Bookings are open till 7th October.

Book now –

Check out my review.

Wishing everybody a Happy Navratri and a Joyous Diwali ahead. Happy gifting 🙂

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Disclaimer – NOT a sponsored post 🙂

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Impower Defence Spray | Review

Are you someone who lives alone and gets a jump scare every time your doorbell rings after 9 p.m? Have you ever felt jittery getting into a cab after dark or have sensed that someone is stalking you on the road? Unfortunately, these are experiences that women all around the globe are quite familiar with. Despite the progress the world has made in terms of technology, the planet is still not a completely safe place, especially for women. However, having something with you at all times that can offer you self-defence against an attacker, can reduce your fears of stepping out or living alone to a large extent. This is where the Impower Defence Spray by Donna comes into the picture.

This self-defence spray is essentially a pepper spray that contains concentrated chilli extracts (Oleoresin Capsicum) that will create a burning sensation on the skin of your assailant. This spray causes severe irritation to the eyes, respiratory system, and mucous membranes, upon direct contact. All you need to do is keep the can 10-15cms away from your body and spray the product on your attacker, preferably from a distance of 1-2 metres. The spray will take 1-2 seconds to start showing its effects and your attackers eyes will snap shut due to the irritation, giving you some time to strike back, run, or call for help.

Impower Defence Spray | Review

I like that the packaging of this pepper spray is pretty compact and that it can fit inside the tiniest of handbags with ease. Also, it does not come with a cap and has a protective plastic casing (thumb cut dome) around the nozzle instead, to prevent accidental spraying. This is very useful because the last thing you want to do when stuck in a horrible situation is to struggle with getting a cap off the bottle. I have tried spraying the product away from my face and found the nozzle to give out a powerful and concentrated spritz of the product. Therefore, this product is extremely easy to use in an emergency scenario and its size is perfect for you to carry around at all times.

Although I haven’t used the spray on someone, just one sniff at the nozzle revealed to me the potency of this pepper spray. It has the pungent aroma of chillies that will definitely catch anyone trying to bother you off guard and will render them powerless for at least a couple of minutes. It takes approximately 45 minutes for the effects of the spray to completely die down, which is why the spray bottle comes with a complete set of instructions for use, as well as safety precautions and first aid instructions.

Impower Defence Spray | Review

A 55ml bottle of this pepper spray provides around 45 shots and is available for INR 279 on Amazon. The spray can reach up to a distance of 12 feet, according to the tests conducted by the brand. In my opinion, less than 300 rupees is a very small price to pay for your safety and well-being. We live in a day and age when we are surrounded by terrifying news of inhuman acts. Having this pepper spray at an arm’s reach can help you breathe more easily in these distressing times. I highly encourage all my readers to invest in this pepper spray and to learn about basic self-defence tricks to protect themselves when faced with unforeseen horrors. Stay safe and strong under all circumstances!

Click this link to purchase the Impower Defence Spray from Amazon.

Disclaimer – PR sample sent by the brand but all opinions are honest and my own.

Greenberry Organics Bio Active D-Tan Exfoliating Scrub | Review

Ever since I spoke about the Greenberry Organics Bio Active D-Tan Exfoliating Scrub on my Insta stories, a bunch of you have asked me for a review of the product. So here I am with a detailed review of this wonderful scrub from Greenberry Organics.

Greenberry Organics Bio Active D-Tan Exfoliating Scrub | Review

Personally, I am not a fan of scrubs that have super soft or tiny exfoliating particles which hardly remove any dead skin from the face. This scrub, on the other hand, has small but gritty particles that are very effective at exfoliating the skin. These particles come embedded in a cream that allows smooth and gentle application on the skin while the grittiness helps to get rid of everything from dead skin to stubborn white heads.

Greenberry Organics Bio Active D-Tan Exfoliating Scrub | Review

You can control the strength of exfoliation with the amount of pressure you apply with your fingers. When used gently, this product can even work for sensitive skin but if used with a heavy hand it can be pretty intense. This allows you to alter the strength of the product as per your skin type.

Greenberry Organics Bio Active D-Tan Exfoliating Scrub | Review

I do not have a tan at the moment so cannot really show you the effects of the scrub on a tan but basically, tan removal is all about removing the sunburnt layer of the skin, so a powerful scrub like this one will definitely provide you great results. Even though my skin is not tanned at the moment, it looks more radiant after using the product, so it will certainly work well on a severe tan.

Greenberry Organics Bio Active D-Tan Exfoliating Scrub | Review

I love that this is an all natural product that contains Bio Active ingredients that are known to nourish, exfoliate, and brighten the skin naturally. Some of these ingredients include nourishing extracts of aloe vera and coconut oil, walnut shell powder for exfoliation, and raspberry extracts for brightening the skin. I also love the soothing scent of cloves that this scrub emanates. If you are a fan of gritty physical scrubs but do not want something too harsh with chemicals in it then the Greenberry Organics Bio Active D-Tan Exfoliating Scrub is a must buy for you. The scrub is priced at INR 575 for a 100gm tub but you can buy it on Amazon at the moment for INR 475 only. This is a great deal in my opinion because a little goes a really long way with this fantastic scrub! I am sure that the next time I return from a vacation with a nasty tan, this scrub will drive all my woes away 🙂

Click this link to buy the Greenberry Organics Bio Active D-Tan Exfoliating Scrub. 

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Mauvelush October – Diwali Edition | Unboxing and Review

The festive season is upon us and the first and most wonderful gift I have received is the October – Diwali Edition of Mauvelush, a new luxury subscription box in India, which the brand kindly sent my way. I unboxed this beauty on my Insta stories yesterday, so head over to my Instagram now if you wish to catch my first impressions. However, in case you missed the unboxing video, here is my review of the Mauvelush October – Diwali Edition for you.

Before getting into the contents of the box, let me talk about the box itself. Mauvelush has come up with a beautifully branded box that looks pretty high-end, and the box also contains a personalized printed note with the Mauvelush branding. This is what I would expect from a luxury subscription box. Even though a lot of subscription boxes are emerging every month, their packaging does not stand out as much as this one. This box has a princessy vibe which every girl would like, unlike the plain old brown cardboard boxes that other brands use. So enough about the packaging, let us now look at the contents of the box.

Mauvelush October-Diwali Edition | Unboxing and Review

1. Decorative Bird Cage – I am the kind of person who loves home decor items but seldom purchases them, thinking that it is a wastage of money. Therefore, receiving this beautiful ornamental bird cage in a subscription box was the best thing that could have happened to me. This decorative bird cage is made of golden metal and comes with the fairy lights shown in the picture. It is a perfect addition to a Diwali box because Diwali is the festival of lights. The quality of this cage is very good and it seems like an expensive piece. This item can add to the aesthetic beauty of any room and I really can’t stop raving about it!

Mauvelush October-Diwali Edition | Unboxing and Review

2. Chandbali Earrings – I don’t know how the lovely folks at Mauvelush did it but they managed to send me everything on my wishlist for the coming festivals. I was feeling the lack of a traditional pair of earrings that could go with any ethnic outfit and voila, I received these stunning Chandbali Earrings in the box. These earrings too seem to be of excellent quality. All the beads and pearls are in place and there is no sign of rusting or chipped polish. They are similar in quality to something you will buy from a branded store and will suit any traditional outfit you have picked for the festive season.

Mauvelush October-Diwali Edition | Unboxing and Review

3. Rostaa Cranberries – No Indian festival can be complete without something sweet, so how about a healthy alternative for this Diwali? The Rostaa Cranberries will add a sweetness to your celebrations without adding pounds to your weight. In the Mauvelush box, you will get a 75gm pack of Rostaa Cranberries which is priced at INR 120. These are perfect for snacking on, in between or after your meals, and can also be added to cereals or yogurt for a healthy breakfast.

Mauvelush October-Diwali Edition | Unboxing and Review

4. Mond’Sub Sheet Masks – The box also contains two Mond’Sub Sheet Masks, one from their Gold Facial Collagen Mask series (INR 250) and the other from their Collagen Silk Mask Series (INR 200). I have reviewed both these masks previously on the blog but basically, they are extremely nourishing and hydrating and will definitely make your skin glow this Diwali. You can also use them on your tired skin the morning after the festivities.


5. Black Kimono With White Lace Detail – Kimono shrugs are so in trend and add a casual chic flair to any boring outfit. This black Kimono with a beautiful white lace at the sleeves and the hemline can be thrown on top of a black tank top and jeans to look super stylish and put together. It is also an excellent item for layering, with the cold season fast approaching. I got the size small to medium which is slightly loose for my petite frame but since it is supposed to be oversized anyway, I can definitely make it work. The fabric and the quality of the lace are outstanding and I could not find a defect in either.

Although the prices of some of the items are not mentioned, I feel that for the current price of INR 1999 for 1 month’s subscription, you will be getting a great deal. Also, the first 15 subscribers can avail an extra 10% off with the coupon code MAUVE10. There are no additional shipping charges as well, so with the coupon code, this box can be yours for INR 1799 only. Overall, the Mauvelush October – Diwali Edition has exceeded my expectations both in terms of packaging as well as the actual products and I feel that it deserves the title of a luxury box. This box is available for booking till 7th October so head over to today to avail the early bird discount. You can also follow @mauvelush on Instagram and Facebook for all the latest updates regarding discounts and upcoming boxes.

Personally, I am already super excited for the next box and hope that the future boxes continue to amaze me like this one 🙂

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Disclaimer – Box was sent to me by the brand but all opinions are honest and my own.