Does Hibiscus Really Help With Hair Fall? – My Experience

The powder of the hibiscus flower is claimed to be extremely potent at fighting hair fall. It is an ingredient of various traditional hair mask recipes and hundreds of Indian women swear by its efficacy. I too decided to test out hibiscus powder to help me with my hair fall issues and here is a brief account of my experience so far.

Indus Valley 100% Organic Hibiscus Powder Review

I was meaning to purchase the hibiscus powder from Banjaras because several bloggers that I trust recommended it, however, I wasn’t able to find it in stock on any website, which is why I settled for theย Indus Valley 100% Organic Hibiscus Powderย instead. This powder claims to be 100% natural and comes in a 100gm plastic pouch. I am not a huge fan of the packaging because you need to transfer the contents to an air tight jar once you open the packet. I like my products to be low-maintenance, which is why this extra step irks me ๐Ÿ˜›

Indus Valley 100% Organic Hibiscus Powder Review

This powder has a slightly grainy texture and is brown in color when dry. It does not have a strong scent, just a faint herbal smell. This means that the brand has not added any artificial chemicals to this product, which is always a huge plus. There are several hair mask recipes available online but I went for the simplest one i.e. hibiscus powder, coconut oil, and water.

Indus Valley 100% Organic Hibiscus Powder Review

On the addition of coconut oil, the powder turns reddish in color. I tried to add enough oil and water to get a smooth paste like consistency. Once the paste was ready, I applied it throughout the lengths of my hair, trying to massage it into my scalp as well. This process might get a bit messy, so take the necessary precautions.

Indus Valley 100% Organic Hibiscus Powder Review

I allowed my hair to absorb the nutrients for around half an hour and then proceeded to wash them with my regular shampoo and conditioner. I faced a little difficulty in rinsing off all the tiny grains of powder from my long strands (perhaps I need to look for a more finely milled powder?) but the results of all the efforts were clearly visible once my hair was dry. My hair felt softer than usual and also looked healthier and shinier. As for the hair loss, after using the mask 2-3 times, I noticed a very slight improvement in my hair fall. Perhaps using it regularly will help eliminate the breakage of hair completely, but as of now, I am happy with my healthy looking mane.

I plan to report back after a few more weeks with my full-fledged hair care routine. Hopefully, by then, I will be able to give you a more thorough review of all the products that I have been using recently. Until then, if you wish to try out theย Indus Valley 100% Organic Hibiscus Powder, you can buy it by clicking on this link.

Which hair products are you loving at the moment? Let me know in the comments below!

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18 thoughts on “Does Hibiscus Really Help With Hair Fall? – My Experience

  1. If it is an authentic product it should definitely help. I mean hibiscus leaves combined with henna leaves and curry leaves has been a traditional hair-pack for ages. The flower extracts are used in oil and hair-care products. So I am pretty sure hibiscus helps with hair-fall and dandruff both.. But whether this product helps… Is something you’ll have to let us know.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. This is so cool, will def look for this in the market! Have taken a pic of this and noted the name down, will def look up more details for a friend who has been asking for a hair loss solution.

    Let me know if you find any good results with this ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hiiiiii! I wanted to share with you this link: because maybe you could be interested? I discovered this blog last year and I have been using her recipe for my shampoos ever since and there is indeed a big difference! In the list of ingredients, it tells you what helps with what and I’ve using those that prevent hair fall and promotes hair growth and it really shows! Now, I’m not sure if it’ll work the same on everyone, but I’ve seen it work on both me and my best friend, and we have completely different hair types! So if anyone’s interested, it’s worth checking out and trying out! I’m really happy with the results and I found that in the long-term, it does cost me wayyy less than my usual industrial shampoos! And as usual nice post! <3

  4. Thanks for sharing this..My mom used to make oil by boiling flowers into coconut oil, But I had no idea about hibiscus powder…sure I’ll try it easy & effective

  5. I always love to use hibiscus flowers and leaves on my scalp and hair. I’d usually use them from plants as long I didn’t get Banjara’s hibiscus flowers powder and Jasnaturals leaf powder. Now these two babies are my fav. Reading your review of this powder, I am thinking of trying this now as my stock is running out. Thanks for sharing.

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