SnackExperts – Traditional Snacking With A Modern and Healthy Twist!

In India, a cup of tea is usually incomplete without something to munch on. Whether you are enjoying your cuppa at home or are visiting someone, you will be presented with an array of snacks such as biscuits and namkeens, to go with the beverage. Indeed, snacking is a part of our culture and whenever someone arrives at our doorstep at an odd hour, we rely on our trusty containers of goodies to entertain them. Unfortunately though, most of these snacks, be it cookies, or dalmoth, or aloo bhujiya, are quite high in terms of fat content and the sweet treats are extremely sugary. This is why, around every festival, we see our waistlines expanding while we gorge on yet another samosa or Jalebi at tea-time. There are healthier snacks available in the market these days, but they are pretty hard to find and suffer from the lack of flavors that satisfy the Indian palate. This is why the snack boxes offered by SnackExperts are a welcome sight.

SnackExperts is a new venture that aims to make nutritious yet delicious snacks readily available to the entire country. Their snack boxes come with a selection of 5 snacks, which you can handpick from their vast collection, and are delivered right to your doorstep. Although these snacks resemble the traditional Indian snacks in terms of taste and texture, they use better ingredients and lesser sugar and oil. Also, they come in individual zip-lock packets that you can carry along with you to work or to wherever your adventures take you. Now you have no excuse not to eat healthily!

The team at SnackExperts kindly sent me a few of their snacks to sample some days back and here are my thoughts on these delicious goodies.

SnackExperts Triberry Medley Review

 1. Triberry Medley – The Triberry Medley is a yummy trio of black currants, dried strawberries and dried cranberries that helps boost the energy with the help of natural sugars while satisfying the sweet tooth. A handful of these delicious berries can be added to cereal or yogurt for a yummy breakfast or snack. You can also have these on their own as a mid-meal snack to stay energized throughout the day.

SnackExperts Barnyard Crispies Review

2. Barnyard Crispies – Every household in India loves Sev, a crunchy deep fried snack made using Bengal Gram Flour or Besan. The Barnyard Crispies from SnackExperts are a healthy take on the traditional Sev because they are made using a combination of pulse flours and rice flour. Also, you can rest assured that the oil used for the preparation is fresh and hygienic, something that is always doubtful with the local brands.

SnackExperts Old Fashioned Nut Mix Review

3. Old Fashioned Nut Mix – Nuts do not need dollops of ghee and salt to taste delicious, they are yummy in their natural form. The Old Fashioned Nut Mix celebrates the natural flavors of almonds, walnuts, and peanuts along with a hint of spice added in the form of peppery cashew nuts. An excellent accompaniment with any beverage, this mix provides the goodness of vitamins and healthy fats that the nuts contain.

SnackExperts Original Seeds Flapjacks Review

4. Original Seeds Flapjack – The classic Ghajak gets a modern avatar in the form of the Original Seeds Flapjack from SnackExperts. Oozing with the goodness of Jaggery, oats, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds, these flapjacks have a caramelly taste and are the perfect dessert to end any meal with. A healthier alternative to brownies or Indian sweet meats, these flapjacks are a delightful fusion of taste and health.

SnackExperts Honey Roasted Cashew Review

5. Honey Roasted Cashew – I love the rich flavors of cashew nuts and SnackExperts further enhances them with a hint of honey, chilli flakes, and yellow mustard seeds, with their honey roasted cashews. This is a delectable sweet and salty snack that will keep you full until your next meal. The fact that the cashews are roasted and not deep fried makes this bowl of goodness all the more appealing!

It must be obvious to you by now that I am head over heels in love with each of the scrumptious snacks sent to me by SnackExperts. If you are struggling to keep your diet in check due to unhealthy and tempting snacks or do not have the time to prepare or hunt for healthier variants then do order your customized snack box from today for guilt-free snacking that satisfies the taste buds too!

Disclaimer – PR samples sent by the brand but all opinions are my own.

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