Epigamia Greek Yogurt – A New Way To Snack! | Review

Whenever I am not on the hunt for the perfect nude lipstick, I am busy searching for a healthy yet tasty snack to devour. I do not have the luxury to spend endless hours in the kitchen, which is why I prefer something that is ready to eat yet does not contain harmful preservatives. This is why Epigamia Yogurt, India’s first all-natural Greek yogurt, is the perfect snack to satisfy my sweet tooth while keeping the hunger pangs at bay.

Epigamia Greek Yogurt Review

This delicious Greek yogurt is thick and creamy and contains twice the amount of protein compared to regular dahi and flavored yogurts. What is more, it is made using natural ingredients, is low in fat, and contains zero preservatives. Basically, it is a snack that is super yummy while being good for the body and the waistline. I recently received a bunch of samples from the brand and the flavors they sent me were Blueberry, Wild Raspberry, Alphonso Mango, Natural, Strawberry, Honey Banana, Green Apple, Vanilla Bean, Strawberry with Chunky Granola, and Jalapeno Greek Yogurt with Barley Puffs. Yes, you read it right! Not only do they have a ton of sweet fruity flavors to satisfy the dessert cravings, they also have a spicy Jalapeno Greek Yogurt that works well as a savory dip.

Epigamia Greek Yogurt Review

You can eat these yogurts on their own or can add them to smoothies, dips, sandwich spreads or cereal. What is more, if you want something more filling than a cup of yogurt, you can opt for the snack packs which provide a crunchy topping that can be mixed with the yogurt. The topping comes packed in a separate container that retains its crunchiness. These toppings including crunchy granola for strawberry yogurt and barley puffs for jalapeno yogurt. A picture of the packaging is shown below!

Epigamia Greek Yogurt Review

All you need to do is rip open the packaging, mix in the contents with the yogurt and enjoy your delightful on the go snack!

Epigamia Greek Yogurt Review

I love the fact that fruity flavors have a natural sweetness to them and also contain tiny tit bits of the actual fruit. As for the Jalapeno yogurt, it packs a punch in terms of flavor and is a creamier and more delicious version of your standard raita, in my opinion. I love to dunk my fruits into these yogurts to convert my salads into more decadent treats, without piling up on the calories.

Epigamia Greek Yogurt Review

Each cup contains 90 gms of yogurt which provides around 100 calories and more than 6 gms of protein. It also helps in meeting the daily calcium requirements without chugging down huge quantities of milk. I feel that Epigamia Greek Yogurts are perfect for everyone, from the fussy eaters who want to include more nutritious items in their diet to the busy executives and housewives who do not find the time to prepare healthy food for themselves. These yummy Greek yogurts are available online on Grofers and BigBasket and they are also available at Nature’s Basket. You can find more details about the products and the stores on the Epigamia website. Do give the Epigamia Greek Yogurts one try and I am sure that you will never crave for any other flavored yogurt!

Disclaimer – PR samples sent by the brand but all opinions are my own.


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