Yoga Bar: Breakfast In Your Pocket | Review

My childhood was spent in a typical North Indian household where breakfast is synonymous with butter-laden parathas or steaming hot poori-aloo. Unfortunately, my metabolism is no longer as great as that of my 9-year-old self and in any case, I do not have the patience or time to make parathas for breakfast every morning. I do however need a healthy and filling breakfast to feel energetic all day long. These days, I usually switch between different kinds of cereals but on the days when I am not too inclined to have any milk, I opt for a nutrition bar instead. I also like a lot of variety in my food, which is why I recently purchased the Yoga Bar Variety Pack of 10 from Amazon and the fact that these bars are all gone already is enough evidence that they are tasty indeed!

Yoga Bar India Food Review Blog

Yoga Bar is a nutrition bar that is available in a bunch of different flavours, and the ones that came in my box were Vanilla Almond, Cardamom Coconut Chew, Cashew Orange Zest, Coffee Zing, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chunk Nut and Nuts & Seeds Crunch. Other than the Cardamom Coconut Chew and the Cashew Orange Zest, the rest of the bars are quite crunchy and nutty while these two are softer and have a chewy texture. The nutty bars almost feel like a healthier version of Chikki so those who like Chikki but do not want to consume too many calories can opt for these instead. My personal favourite, however, is the Cashew Orange Zest because I am a sucker for anything orange flavoured.

Yoga Bar India Food Review Blog

Not only are these bars quite delicious, they are filling without being too heavy on the stomach. Also, each bar has approximately 150-180 calories, which is similar to a bar of chocolate but with way more nutrition. Yoga Bars are healthy snacks for when you feel peckish at work or are out and about with no time to stop for a bite. As a cherry on top of this healthy cake (:P), these bars do not contain any additives or preservatives and are made using natural ingredients such as whole grains and honey. I have attached a picture of the nutritional information below for the reference of those who are better versed in the field of diet and nutrition.

Yoga Bar India Food Review Blog

A box of 10 Yoga Bars is priced at INR 330, which means that the price of one bar is only INR 33; this makes Yoga Bars one of the rare Indian snacks that are affordable while being healthy. I personally find it very irritating that the fat-laden chips and cookies are so cheap in India while the nutritious snacks are hard to find and expensive too. It is great that the team at Yoga Bar have put in their efforts to come up with a snack that is healthy while being priced reasonably enough to be a practical choice for students and young professionals. If something nutritious tastes good and is pocket-friendly too then who wouldn’t want to dig their teeth into it? Yoga Bars qualify all my criteria for a mid-meal snack that can also double up as an instant breakfast. Do give these a shot if you like your food to satisfy you without showing up on the waistline.

I hope that this review was helpful. You can buy Yoga Bars from a bunch of different online stores but here is a link to purchase them on Amazon.

Greenberry Organics Anti Acne Mud Mask | Review

If you follow me on Instagram or are a regular reader of this blog then you might already know that I am obsessed with the Greenberry Organics 3 in 1 Mud Ash. The brand has recently released a ton of new products but what attracted me the most was the Anti Acne Mud Mask For Oil-Prone Acne. The fact that this mud mask is specifically designed for acne-prone oily skin and has a formula comprising of 100% natural ingredients made this product too tempting not to try. I have been using this mud mask diligently, ever since it was delivered to my doorstep and here are my thoughts on its performance.

Greenberry Organics Anti Acne Mud Mask For Oil-Prone Acne Review

This mud mask comes in a vibrant yellow packaging and as soon as you unscrew the lid, you will be greeted by a soothing herbal scent that is reminiscent of fennel seeds. The consistency of the product is soft and creamy and it spreads on the skin quite easily. As for the formula, it contains the goodness of 8 herbs and the list of ingredients includes Calendula, Kaolin Clay, Calamine extracts, turmeric, neem, basil, chandan, aloe vera, and rose water, all of which are known for their multiple skin benefits, particularly for acne-prone skin. Full points to Greenberry Organics for creating a product that combines the goodness of herbs that have been used in skincare treatments since centuries. If you are too busy to make homemade masks, which require procurement of all these ingredients, then this mud mask is the next best thing because it is completely natural and is also free of parabens and phthalates.

Greenberry Organics Anti Acne Mud Mask For Oil-Prone Acne Review

The scent of this product was enough to assure me that it will work wonders on my skin, and it did! On rinsing off the product after leaving it on my face for around 20 minutes, I could see that my face was glowing and that the mud had absorbed all the excess oil and had left my skin squeaky clean and non-greasy. To top it all, this product caused a visible reduction in the size of my pimples with the very first use, and I am sure that with regular usage, this mask will definitely reduce the appearance of acne as well. Bear in mind that this product is targeted for oily skinned people and therefore can be a bit harsh on normal to dry skin. If you have oily skin and suffer from frequent breakouts, this product is tailor-made for you. You will have to be a little careful while packing it for a holiday though because the packaging is not completely leakproof even though the performance is completely foolproof.

Greenberry Organics Anti Acne Mud Mask For Oil-Prone Acne Review

This mud mask is priced at INR 725 for 100gms of the product but is usually available at great discounted rates on Amazon. The price may seem a little steep but when you compare it to the international skincare brands, it is way more affordable considering the quality of ingredients, the quantity of the product in a jar, and the fact that this mask is devoid of any harmful chemicals. Greenberry Organics is a brand that has truly impressed me with the range of wonderful and carefully concocted products that they have released in such a short amount of time. Even if you do not have oily skin, you must check out some of their other masks that are designed for normal and dry skin tones, as well as their range of body washes, facial mists, and face washes. I am sure that you will find several products that you love. To conclude, the Greenberry Organics Anti Acne Mud Mask For Oil-Prone Acne is totally worth all the hype that it has been receiving and I can’t wait to find out what other skincare gems the brand plans to release in the future.

I hope that this review was useful. I will highly recommend all the ladies with oily skin and acne troubles to click on this link and buy the Greenberry Organics Anti Acne Mud Mask asap!



Loreal Paris Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer | Review

A good foundation may cover up blemishes but what truly helps in achieving a flawless finish with makeup is a great primer. Primers not only extend the longevity of face makeup but also create a smooth canvas on the skin for the effortless application of foundation. Despite its numerous benefits, most women tend to skip this step on a day to day basis and directly apply foundation or a bb cream on top of moisturizer. This, however, could be a rookie mistake for an occasion when you want your makeup to last all day long and look beautifully blended. The Loreal Paris Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer is one product that can take your makeup to the next level for such special events.

Loreal Paris Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer ReviewThis primer comes in the form of a thick cream that needs to be rubbed between the fingers before applying to the face. It has a super smooth texture that glides on the skin and fills in the pores while adding a glow to the face. Post-application, the skin feels extremely smooth to touch and the surface looks more even. On a no makeup day, you can simply apply this primer on its own for a “my skin but better look”. On the other hand, if you wish to apply a foundation on top, you will notice that this primer enhances the coverage and wear time of the product and makes it adhere better to the skin.

Loreal Paris Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer ReviewComing to the cons, the product comes in a jar and dipping your fingers into a face product is never very hygienic, however, I can look past this because the consistency of this product is such that it cannot really be packaged in a tube. This primer also helps with oil control and keeps the skin non-greasy throughout the day but it may not suit dry skin and may exaggerate the dry patches on the face. Although this may be a con for many, it helps prevent my makeup from melting off my face during the hot and humid months.

Loreal Paris Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer ReviewFrom a price perspective, this primer is not the cheapest (INR 995 for 15ml) but I feel that it is worth the money because of the quality. Also, you only need a tiny bit of the product each day and this jar will last you a really long time. To conclude, this is definitely my favourite primer at the moment and I feel that all those with normal to oily skin will probably love the product as much as I do. When it comes to improving the texture of the skin, this primer is perhaps the next best thing to an effective skincare routine.

I hope that this review was helpful, you can buy the Loreal Paris Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer here.

The June ZoBag – Your Perfect Companion For A Summer Retreat!

Hi guys! I am here today to add some positivity to a gloomy Monday with the much-awaited review of the June ZoBag. I know that it is already the second week of July but I received this bag towards the end of last month and wanted to thoroughly test the products before writing my verdict. For those of you who are not aware of ZoBag, it is a monthly subscription bag that provides 5 full-sized beauty/skincare products at an extremely affordable price of INR 499. The theme of the June ZoBag is Summer Retreat, and true to its name, it carries 5 skincare products that help reverse the signs of sun damage and offer a glowing, healthy skin in the harsh summer months. So without much ado, here is the detailed overview of the contents of the bag.

Biotique Bio Papaya Tan Removal Scrub ZoBag

1. Biotique Bio Papaya Revitalizing Tan Removal Scrub – The first product that I will talk about today is the Biotique Bio Papaya Tan Removal Scrub. This wonderful scrub has a delicious, fruity fragrance and a thick creamy consistency with rough granules that are perfect for the removal of dead skin. This scrub is on the grittier side of the spectrum and may not be suitable for extremely sensitive skin, however, it works wonders on my skin and leaves it looking much brighter and buttery soft! Regular usage of this product visibly improves the texture of the skin making it more vibrant and smooth. Therefore, this is the perfect scrub for those who prefer a strong exfoliating action.

MCaffeine Sea Fern Sunscreen ZoBag

2. MCaffeine Sea Fern Sunscreen – When it comes to a summer retreat, one product that always comes to mind is a sunscreen, and the MCaffeine Sea Fern Sunscreen is an interesting new sunscreen lotion on the block. It combines the antioxidant properties of caffeine with the soothing touch of calendula and the nourishment of argan oil, to create a sunscreen lotion that can double up as a moisturizer. This product gets soaked into the skin really quickly and leaves behind a fresh scent. It contains SPF 30 which is ideal for daily use in the summer months. The only downside of this sunscreen is that it is not waterproof and needs to be reapplied every 2 hours and it also leaves behind a slight white cast. An honorable mention goes to the pump based packaging with a plastic lock that is extremely handy for preventing leakage while throwing this product into a suitcase.

Votre After Sun Mist ZoBag

3. Votre After Sun Mist – Votre is a skincare brand that I have trusted for a long time and therefore I was overjoyed to receive the Votre After Sun Mist in the June ZoBag. Facial mists are excellent at refreshing sunburnt skin throughout the day and this particular product has an amazing cooling action. It contains the extracts of Honeysuckle, Noni Fruit, Grapeseed, and Amla that moisturize and heal the skin to repair the damage caused by sunlight. The size and packaging of this face mist are perfect for the handbag and this is one product I never step out of the house without these days. One word of caution is that it does spray out quite a large amount of product in one go, so use a gentle hand and spray the product from a distance for even coverage of the face.

Krishkare Skin Repair Gel ZoBag

4. Krishkare Skin Repair Gel –  Everyone is aware of the cooling and hydrating properties of aloe vera, which make it an essential part of a summer skincare routine. The Krishkare Skin Repair Gel combines aloe vera gel with cucumber extracts to create the perfect concoction for summer. This gel has a sweet, herbal scent and needs to massaged on the skin post-cleansing for maximum benefits. You need to apply it in a circular motion to the face and massage it in so that the ingredients get absorbed into the skin, then rinse off the excess to achieve visibly brighter and supple skin. This product comes with antioxidant and antibacterial properties that reduce acne while cooling sun damaged skin. However, it contains parabens in the list of ingredients which may not be preferred by some.

Krishkare Hydrate Sheet Mask ZoBag

5. Krishkare Hydrate Sheet Mask – Last but not the least is a product without which any skincare subscription bag would be incomplete – a sheet mask! The June ZoBag contains the Krishkare Hydrate Sheet Mask which is paraben-free (Yay!) and contains coconut jelly and natural cellulose that help to hydrate the skin while making it more supple. This sheet mask has an instant cooling effect on the skin and also claims to get rid of a tan. I did not have a tan when I used the product so I cannot really vouch for the tan removal properties but this sheet mask definitely relaxed my skin and left it feeling energized and refreshed. The perfect way to pamper yourself after a hectic day in the summer sun!

Believe it or not, the June ZoBag contains products worth INR 1600 and you can make them yours at an extremely affordable price of INR 499! Additionally, the bag in itself has a pretty floral design and enough room to pack in a ton of beauty products! I am thoroughly satisfied with what I received and I genuinely feel that ZoBag is one of the best beauty subscription bags in India at the moment because it provides excellent value for money. Not one product is a dud or a filler product, which is what makes ZoBag stand apart from the rest. I am eagerly looking forward to this month’s bag and ZoBag has definitely found a loyal customer in me!

P.S. – You can check out more details about the June ZoBag by clicking on this link.

Nykaa Pastel Nail Enamel – Lychee Delight | Review and Swatches

I just came to know that Nykaa is releasing some new shades as a part of their Pastel Nail Enamel collection, and here I am, still drooling over the shades from the original range. On my nails today is the Nykaa Pastel Nail Enamel in the shade 82 Lychee Delight, a sophisticated yet unique nude nail color that is the perfect balance of white and grey.

Nykaa Pastel Nail Enamel 82 Lychee Delight Review Swatches

As the name suggests, this shade seems to be inspired by the color of the pulp of the lychee fruit, although it has slightly heavier grey undertones. This milky grey color will complement fair to medium skin tones really well and is the perfect shade for professional women.

Nykaa Pastel Nail Enamel 82 Lychee Delight Review Swatches

This particular shade requires at least 2 coats and you may even need 3 coats if you want a completely opaque finish. Just like the rest of the Nykaa Pastel Nail Enamels, the formula of Lychee Delight is also quite thin and easy to work with. The brush is a narrow one and you will need to go over each nail at least thrice to coat the entire surface. Despite the brush being narrow, the richness of the formula prevents the final finish from being streaky.

Nykaa Pastel Nail Enamel 82 Lychee Delight Review Swatches

Priced at INR 179, the Nykaa Pastel Nail Enamels are quite a bargain, considering the huge range of flattering shades they are available in. The only problem that I have with the formula is that it begins to chip within 3 days. Nevertheless, these nail colors are gorgeous while they last on the nails and I will definitely be checking out the new shades launched by Nykaa for this season!

I hope that this review was helpful, you can buy the Nykaa Pastel Nail Enamels here.

Maybelline Colossal Kajal – Deep Black | Review and Swatches

Kajal, one makeup product that most Indian women cannot step out of the house without. Some feel that they look tired without a bold black line bordering their eyes while others believe that their makeup looks incomplete without kohl. The first retractable kohl pencil that I ever owned was The Colossal Kajal from Maybelline. Being the most affordable product of its kind in India, this was the only kajal that I used throughout my college days. Over the years, I have discovered several other kohl pencils that are more long-lasting and offer better pigmentation but this product holds a nostalgic value in my heart. This is why when Maybelline released a new Black Fix Formula with Aloe Vera for The Colossal Kajal, I couldn’t resist trying it out.

Maybelline Colossal Kajal Deep Black Review

This new black fix formula is supposed to be more gentle on the eyes and the aloe vera is meant to nourish them. Personally, I never felt any irritation whatsoever with the original formula of this product and nor did I with the new one. The pigmentation is also similar as before. To me, it seems more like a dark, smoky grey instead of a jet black. There are many variants available in the drugstore at the moment that are way blacker, but when it comes to being gentle on the waterline, this is the only product that never tingles my super sensitive eyes at all.

Maybelline Colossal Kajal Deep Black Review Swatches

The texture of this kajal is a little stiff and not as creamy as I prefer. It tugs slightly at the waterline but not so much as to hurt the eyes while application. A single swipe looks darker on the arm than it does on the eyes and you will need at least 2-3 swipes for a perfectly black finish. Unfortunately, it does not last long on my waterline and starts fading at the corners within a few hours and vanishes almost completely by the end of the day. As shown in the picture below, the color has started fading at the outer corners even though the photo was taken only an hour post-application.

Maybelline Colossal Kajal Deep Black Review Swatches Eyes

Priced at INR 180, this is one of the most affordable retractable kohl pencil in the market although it does not have great pigmentation or longevity. Now that Lakme has dropped the price of the Eyeconic Kajal to INR 180, I would recommend buying the Eyeconic Kajal instead of this one because it is blacker and creamier. If the Lakme product irritates your eyes, only then would the Maybelline Colossal Kajal be a better alternative because it is one of the gentlest kohls available in the market.

I hope that this review was helpful. You can buy the Maybelline Colossal Kajal in the shade Deep Black here.

That Good Old Bottle Of Lacto Calamine | Review

Years before the benefits of clay were recognized by international skincare brands, a humble product could be found on the Indian dressers, one that provided the goodness of kaolin that is known to cure several skin issues. I still remember my mother showering praises upon the Lacto Calamine Daily Nourishing Lotion for controlling acne and healing blemishes. This oil-balancing lotion, being one of the products that I received as a legacy from the beautiful women of my family, has always held a special place in my heart.

Lacto Calamine Daily Nourishing Lotion Review

Today, this product comes in two variants, the original formula meant for normal to oily skin and a new version that is more suitable for dry skin. The formula for normal to oily skin is what best suits my needs because it offers oil control and reduces the appearance of acne. Some of the ingredients of this lotion are kaolin, known for its oil absorption and exfoliating properties, zinc oxide, known for controlling acne, and glycerin, which is an effective moisturizer. Basically, this combination of ingredients is all that someone with blemish prone skin could ask for.

Lacto Calamine Daily Nourishing Lotion Review

I recently ran out of my favorite Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Mattifying Lotion and couldn’t find it in stock on any online store. This is when I decided to fall back on the trusted Lacto Calamine which I always buy backups of. This product is equally good at oil absorption when compared to the lotion from The Body Shop but is slightly more hydrating and gentle on the skin. It keeps my face non-greasy for hours, and after using it for approximately a week, I can notice that my blemishes have faded a little as well. This is a water based product that is extremely light weight and if you want to make it more potent, you can add a small drop of tea tree oil to the lotion before application. Additionally, it forms a great base for makeup and makes my foundation last slightly longer too!

Lacto Calamine Daily Nourishing Lotion Review

There is only one thing that I would like to change about the product – the dispenser. It currently comes in a wide necked bottle that always dispenses more product than I need, and I would love a smaller opening with a flip cap instead. Other than this minor qualm with the packaging, I adore everything about this lotion, from its pleasant earthy scent to its mattifying action. If you have oily skin then I would highly recommend trying this lotion as your daily moisturizer to see visible improvements in the texture of your skin within a few weeks. Priced at INR 110 for a 60 ml bottle, this product is proof of the fact that there are so many gems at the drugstore that get outshined by the dazzle of the fancier brands although they are equally good in terms of quality and performance. Hopefully, this blog post will allow some of you ladies to save your money and give a chance to this oldie but goodie!

I hope that this review was helpful, you can buy the Lacto Calamine Skin Balance Daily Nourishing Lotion here or at any drugstore in India.

Blush As Contour? Beauty Trends Of 2017

I recently started a series of blog posts on the beauty trends of 2017 and you guys really seemed to like my post on the Bitten Lips trend. So, here I am with the second installment of the series and today we will talk about the dramatic trend of wearing blush as contour! This trend has been spotted not only on runways but also on the red carpet where some celebrities opted for a bright blush to contour their cheeks instead of the typical brownish bronze shade. Although this is one trend that is hard to sport in the day to day life, perhaps using a rose gold blush in small amounts instead of your standard bronzer can create a softer and more feminine look. For this post, however, I went all in and chose to go with a bright pink blush from my Makeup Revolution Protection Palette in the shade Medium.


I went into my blush with a heavy hand because I wanted to create a very vibrant look. Creating this look is very simple, you basically apply your blush where you would normally apply your bronzer on your cheeks. If you are new at this, simply suck your cheeks in and add the color in the natural dent created in your cheeks. If you go for a deep colored blush then you will be able to achieve a similar chiseled finish as provided by a bronzer but the final look will be much quirkier.


I opted for a deep pink lip and neutral eyes (a slightly dramatic liner though) but you can go all out and go for a purple eyeshadow to create a colorful extravaganza 😛 Afterall, this look is all about having some fun with colors. Also, please don’t mind my messy hair, I was in no mood to style them on a gloomy Monday morning!


For the above picture, I blended the blush really well to create a more wearable look that you can flaunt outside the house. What remains is a soft wash of blush that accentuates the highlighter on the cheekbones really well. Definitely a winner for the days when you want a soft look that does not include any harsh contouring. I feel that this unique trend, if executed correctly, can help replace a bronzer during the spring months, for a more florals inspired pallet.

What do you think of this beauty trend? Would you be comfortable wearing a blush as a contour shade? Let me know in the comments below!!! <3

Loreal Tecni Art Volume Lift Hair Mousse | Review

Hair mousse is one product which is not that commonly used by Indian women, but if you have thin and wispy hair, it can be an absolute savior. I have been using the Loreal Professionnel Tecni Art Volume Lift Spray since the past few years and because many people have not talked about this product on the internet, I thought that I should share my two cents about it.

Loreal Professionnel Tecni Art Hair Spray Mousse

This root lifting spray comes in a spray can with a narrow nozzle and the consistency is that of a foamy mousse. As per the packaging, you are supposed to spray on the product directly at the roots, on shampooed and towel-dried hair and then style them using your fingers or a blow dryer. I personally prefer to spray some product onto my fingers and then apply it to my roots while lifting them upwards. This helps in adding some volume at the roots that lasts for a couple of days.

Loreal Professionnel Tecni Art Hair Spray Mousse

You can also use this product throughout the lengths of your wet hair and then leave them in braids overnight to get natural looking waves the next day. However, be careful with the amount of product you use. A little goes a long way and too much of the mousse can give a wet look to your hair. One small sphere of the product (the size of a ping pong ball) gives a stiff yet natural look to the roots so that they hold the hairstyle better and do not look limp.

Loreal Professionnel Tecni Art Hair Spray Mousse

A 250ml can of this product is priced at INR 775 on Amazon and you can also find it at some of the bigger drugstores in India. One can lasts a very long time and is, therefore, worth the price. I will recommend the Loreal Tecni Art Volume Lift Hair Mousse to all the ladies who have baby hair and flyaways that ruin any hairstyle with their fluffy appearance. This is a good buy for those with unmanageable hair but if you have naturally thick and sleek hair then this product might not be as suitable for you.

I hope that this review was helpful. You can buy the Loreal Tecni Art Volume Lift Hair Mousse here.