Corioliss Pro V Professional Styling Iron | Review

Just like me, my hair suffers from mood swings and has a personality of its own. Being a fine haired gal, straight hair is not really the best look for me because it further reduces the volume of my tresses, but I do need a hair straightener to tone down the wild mess that often takes over the ends of my hair. I have talked about the Philips hair styler in a previous blog post but its straightening iron just doesn’t give me the desired result, both in terms of the sleekness of the hair as well as the longevity of the hair style. This is why I finally caved and purchased the Corioliss Pro V Professional Styling Iron after digging out a review by Corallista (Ankita Srivastava). Luckily, my investment paid off and I am quite satisfied with the performance of this hair straightener. Read on to find out more details about this styling tool.

Corioliss Pro V Professional Styling Iron Hair Straightener Review

I am not going to talk about all the technical specifications of this product because they are already mentioned on various websites. Instead, I will focus on the features that stood out to me while using the tool, as opposed to while reading the user manual. So, the first feature that makes this product worth the price is the fact that you can set the temperature as per your choice, within the range of 100 degrees to 230 degrees Celcius. The product comes with a rotating knob to set the same. It is obvious that the higher the temperature you set, the more effectively the tool will straighten unruly hair. However, I personally don’t go beyond 200 degrees Celcius and would recommend the same to others as well. Too much heat is not great for your hair and if a lower temperature setting works for you then there is no need to crank up the heat. The second feature that I really liked was the combination of ceramic plates and negative ion technology which makes sure that the hair does not develop a static charge post straightening, which happens a lot to dry hair when using a subpar hair straightener.

Corioliss Pro V Professional Styling Iron Hair Straightener Review

The other things I like about this hair straightener are the long, swivel cord, which does not tie me down to the power point, and the fact that the plates heat up pretty fast (within 2-3 minutes), which is perfect for when I am in a rush. As for the quality of straightening, I do not really prefer poker straight hair and just like to smoothen them a little bit. I am able to achieve this with a temperature of around 180 degrees. In one single swipe of the straightener, my hair loses its frizziness and gains a more tamed appearance, although if you wish to create flicks or curls at the ends, you may need an additional swipe to shape them. With a temperature of around 200-210 degrees, you should be able to get poker straight hair, even though this look does not suit my face at all. As for the staying power of the straightened hair, without any hair spray, my hair retains the shape for a good 2-3 days, which can be extended to a week with a good hair spray. Below is a picture of how this straightener instantly tones down the drama of my crazy ends with a temperature of around 190 degrees.

Corioliss Pro V Professional Styling Iron Hair Straightener Review

Coming to the price, the Corioliss Pro V Professional Styling Iron is priced at INR 3999 in India BUT it is almost always available at a discounted price on Nykaa. Even today, this product is available for a heavily discounted price of INR 2249, which is a real steal in my opinion. You can click this link, to head over to and make use of the amazing deal. This straightener may not be worth 4000 bucks, but its amazing smoothening action and the longevity of the hairstyle that it provides definitely make it a great purchase for up to 2500 bucks. Think of all the money you spend on blow drys and straightening sessions at the salon, this one-time investment is nothing compared to that expenditure. If you are looking for a hair straightener at the moment then this one comes highly recommended from me. One word of advice though – ALWAYS remember to invest in a good heat protection spray as well. Happy styling!


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