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My childhood was spent in a typical North Indian household where breakfast is synonymous with butter-laden parathas or steaming hot poori-aloo. Unfortunately, my metabolism is no longer as great as that of my 9-year-old self and in any case, I do not have the patience or time to make parathas for breakfast every morning. I do however need a healthy and filling breakfast to feel energetic all day long. These days, I usually switch between different kinds of cereals but on the days when I am not too inclined to have any milk, I opt for a nutrition bar instead. I also like a lot of variety in my food, which is why I recently purchased the Yoga Bar Variety Pack of 10 from Amazon and the fact that these bars are all gone already is enough evidence that they are tasty indeed!

Yoga Bar India Food Review Blog

Yoga Bar is a nutrition bar that is available in a bunch of different flavours, and the ones that came in my box were Vanilla Almond, Cardamom Coconut Chew, Cashew Orange Zest, Coffee Zing, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chunk Nut and Nuts & Seeds Crunch. Other than the Cardamom Coconut Chew and the Cashew Orange Zest, the rest of the bars are quite crunchy and nutty while these two are softer and have a chewy texture. The nutty bars almost feel like a healthier version of Chikki so those who like Chikki but do not want to consume too many calories can opt for these instead. My personal favourite, however, is the Cashew Orange Zest because I am a sucker for anything orange flavoured.

Yoga Bar India Food Review Blog

Not only are these bars quite delicious, they are filling without being too heavy on the stomach. Also, each bar has approximately 150-180 calories, which is similar to a bar of chocolate but with way more nutrition. Yoga Bars are healthy snacks for when you feel peckish at work or are out and about with no time to stop for a bite. As a cherry on top of this healthy cake (:P), these bars do not contain any additives or preservatives and are made using natural ingredients such as whole grains and honey. I have attached a picture of the nutritional information below for the reference of those who are better versed in the field of diet and nutrition.

Yoga Bar India Food Review Blog

A box of 10 Yoga Bars is priced at INR 330, which means that the price of one bar is only INR 33; this makes Yoga Bars one of the rare Indian snacks that are affordable while being healthy. I personally find it very irritating that the fat-laden chips and cookies are so cheap in India while the nutritious snacks are hard to find and expensive too. It is great that the team at Yoga Bar have put in their efforts to come up with a snack that is healthy while being priced reasonably enough to be a practical choice for students and young professionals. If something nutritious tastes good and is pocket-friendly too then who wouldn’t want to dig their teeth into it? Yoga Bars qualify all my criteria for a mid-meal snack that can also double up as an instant breakfast. Do give these a shot if you like your food to satisfy you without showing up on the waistline.

I hope that this review was helpful. You can buy Yoga Bars from a bunch of different online stores but here is a link to purchase them on Amazon.

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  1. Great in-depth review. I like that these are genuinely nutritious, because so many brands consider themselves as ‘healthy’, when really they are full of high amounts of refined sugar and salt. Thank you for sharing. x

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