My Current Nighttime Skincare Routine

I do not remember my skin ever being flawless. I suffer from frequent hormonal breakouts that leave blemishes and red blotches on my skin. However, I am pleased to report that my current nighttime skincare routine has significantly reduced my acne and seems to be healing my skin really well! My pimples are drying up faster and new breakouts are significantly lesser in number. So, if you have oily skin and suffer from acne and blemishes then here is a skincare routine that may actually help!

Step 1: Aaranyaa Neem Tulsi Face Wash –ย The first step of my nighttime skincare routine is to cleanse my face and I have been using the Aaranyaa Neem Tulsi Face Wash for this step. It leaves my skin completely oil free and removes any traces of foundation without causing a stretchy feeling on the face. If I have any waterproof makeup on then I like to use coconut oil to dissolve it before I use this face wash. This product does its job well while being gentle on the skin and is definitely a favorite.

Skincare Routine Aaranyaa The Body Shop Greenberry Organics Mud Ash

Step 2: Greenberry Mud Ash 3 in 1 Face Care –ย Once my face is squeaky clean, I move on to exfoliating it. For this step, I use the Greenberry Mud Ash 3 in 1 Face Care, a product that is an Amazon bestseller and needs no introduction. It is a cleanser, scrub, and face pack combined in one and I absolutely love it! The scrub particles are quite gritty without being too harsh and help to get rid of the nasty whiteheads. On the days when I feel that my skin needs some extra detox, I apply this product all over my face and leave it on for 2-3 minutes and then wash it off. This face pack calms the redness of the skin and gets rid off any residual traces of grease very effectively.

Step 3: The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion – ย Moisturising is an essential step of skincare but the wrong moisturizer for your skin type can cause more harm than good. My skin continues to secrete oils even when I am asleep, therefore I need a mattifying moisturizer for the night as well. The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion does the job for me and my skin feels hydrated but matte at the same time. I look much less shiny in the morning when I use this product, although I believe that it is supposed to be a day cream. I am almost out of this product and I am really freaking out because it has become a holy grail face moisturizer for me!

So this is my simple 3 step nighttime skincare routine that should work well for anyone who wants to keep the grease and acne at bay. If you wish to read my detailed review of each of the products then check out the links below:

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What skincare products are you loving at the moment? Do let me know in the comments below!



12 thoughts on “My Current Nighttime Skincare Routine

  1. Sounds like you’ve got it down! Glad you found stuff that works for you (: my boyfriend and I really enjoy YesTo products and of course Aveeno everything!

  2. I love that Skin Clearing Lotion from The Body Shop! Funnily enough, I always tend to use it at night, also. Sometimes I use it during the day if my skin is really bad or oily. I find it works so well for my skin.

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