How To Stay Away From The Trap Of Fake Makeup!

I recently came across a few videos and Instagram posts about fake makeup being sold by sellers on eBay and social media platforms. When it comes to what I am applying on my face, I am always super cautious. Here are my tips and tricks to avoid falling prey to the lure of fake beauty products!

  1. Do Not Buy From Streetside Stores – I have seen various pop-up stalls on the sides of the streets of Indian markets, which sell fake Maybelline and Loreal products among others. They are ALL fake, no matter how genuine they may look. Please stay away from these products at all costs.
  2. Pay Attention To Packaging – I would highly recommend purchasing your products from the actual makeup counter or website of the brand. In case you find these products for a cheaper price elsewhere, do compare their packaging with the original products that you already own. Chances are that the print or labeling will be different.
  3. Do Your Research – In case you plan to buy from an Amazon or eBay seller, go through all their reviews and search for the ones that seem honest and not sponsored. Even if you find a single review claiming that the product is fake, consider it as a red flag.
  4. Lower Price Is Not Always A Good Thing – There are various sellers on different online portals that sell international makeup at incredibly low prices. I recently found a seller on Amazon selling a Beauty Blender for only INR 300 or so. The reviews stated that the product a buyer received was already soaked in water and had been used before!The bottom line is that unusually cheap branded makeup is usually fake. Whenever you encounter makeup that is way cheaper than the marked price, the safest option is to turn away instead of taking a risk that can ruin your delicate skin.

    I hope that this post was useful. Do check out my Niume profile as well where I have posted a new article about food items that help with mental illnesses.

12 thoughts on “How To Stay Away From The Trap Of Fake Makeup!

  1. I didn’t even know that people sold fake makeup until the Kylie lip kits were coming out and there was a scandal of people selling fake ones with superglue! Thanks for the helpful tips!

  2. Great post hon! I have seen so cheap prices for makeup products on flipkart but I am glad I never bought them. Reviews do help when buying from online sites. We should always read them through.

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