Wet n Wild Mega Slicks Lip Gloss in Red Sensation | Review

I stumbled upon the Wet n Wild Mega Slicks Lip Gloss in the shade Red Sensation while randomly browsing the internet, and purchased it on a whim. When I received the product, I was quite surprised by the color and finish. It does not look metallic in the pictures but in reality, the swatch was a deep metallic red!


Perhaps the metallic effect arises due to the extreme luster of this product. When you swatch it on your hand, the color is super opaque and almost has a foiled look to it. On applying on the lips the pigment sheers out but still looks slightly metallic.


This lip gloss is a bit sticky and thick and smells like sweets. It has some white and red glitter particles that tend to sink into the creases of the lips after a few hours of wear. The color fades gradually and almost completely disappears within 2-3 hours, which is expected from a hydrating lip gloss.


I would recommend wearing this gloss over a red lipstick to create an opaque metallic finish. It can also be used as a lip topper for the center of the lips. I personally don’t prefer wearing the gloss on its own because when I want a red lip I want it to be really bold. However, if you choose to wear it on its own, make sure to carry it in your handbag to top it up every few hours. Priced at $1.99, this lip gloss is quite affordable and imparts an interesting finish to the lips!

I hope that this review was helpful. Buy this lip gloss here.

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