Vaadi Herbals Strawberry Facial Bar | Review

Does anyone still use soap for cleansing the face? I personally prefer a face wash because it is easier to travel with and seems more hygienic. To be honest, I only purchased the Vaadi Herbals Strawberry Facial Bar because I wanted to get rid of the shipping charges on my Nykaa order. Since I bought it, I have been using it and here is my review of this product.


I was primarily attracted to this soap because of the word Strawberry, and the product does live up to its claim on this front. It has a pleasing, sweet strawberry scent that literally fills up my bathroom, you won’t need a room freshener if you purchase this product! In terms of performance, it does seem gentler than the regular soaps and leaves the skin looking bright and refreshed. It gets rid of the oil really well, in fact, its cleansing action is so strong that I would not recommend this for dry skin. It also claims to reduce pigmentation, however, I have not seen much improvement in that area.


The first thing that disappointed me about this product as soon as it arrived was its size. It is so tiny! Here is a pic that compares its size to that of a lip balm. Agreed that the price of INR 30 is not a lot but I was still expecting something bigger. Perhaps the great ingredients it contains, such as strawberry and grapeseed extracts and almond oil, are the reason for the high price. In any case, the small size makes it harder to work with, although the bar does not dissolve much and is quite long lasting.


I won’t be repurchasing this product simply because I prefer a liquid face wash. However, if you like solid cleansers and are ok with spending 30 bucks on this tiny bar then it is excellent at keeping the oil at bay throughout the day.

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11 thoughts on “Vaadi Herbals Strawberry Facial Bar | Review

  1. Yup soap on my face feels just so dirty to me… you know soaps actually change the ph of our skinπŸ˜”
    But I do enjoy using soap during bath such as dove😍
    Thanks for the review gal… I was always wondering about this bar… you clearly helpedπŸ˜‚ 😊😊

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