How To Lose Weight By Sparing 4 Minutes Each Day!

If your excuse for not exercising is the lack of time then I have the perfect solution for you. Surely you can spare 4 minutes each day? That is all you need to adopt a healthy lifestyle, thanks to the power of HIIT workouts. High Intensity Interval Training claims to burn a large number of calories with just a few minutes of exercise. What is more, these workouts also increase the rate at which you burn calories for the next 10 hours. The big question is whether these claims are true or not.

I personally do not believe in counting calories, but ever since I started following Lucy Wyndham-Read’s HIIT workout videos on YouTube, I have seen a significant improvement in my health. I feel more energetic throughout the day and the perpetual back pain has completely disappeared! I have been working out daily and have reduced my refined sugar and oil intake since a month and a half. Not only are my muscles becoming visibly stronger, I have also lost 3 pounds of weight.

Most of the HIIT workouts do not need any special equipment and Lucy even demonstrates easier steps for beginners. Add a minute of warming up and another one for stretching after the workout, and you are done with your exercise for the day. I understand that everybody’s body and fitness levels are different but this simple regimen has worked so well for me that I had to put the word out there. I am not a trained fitness expert or professional, so please do your research on this subject before you decide to go for HIIT workouts. This is just my personal experience that I wanted to share with you folks!

P.S. – This is NOT a sponsored post. It is my honest opinion on HIIT workouts πŸ™‚

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    • You can start with the easy ones and then gradually work towards the harder ones. Its just 5 minutes after all πŸ™‚ You will more energetic all day long!

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