And the winner of the giveaway is…

Hi guys, the day has finally arrived when I will declare the winner of my Valentine’s Day Giveaway. I had reached 100 subscribers when the giveaway was announced, but now we are more than 300! I am extremely grateful for all the support and encouragement and extend my thanks to all those who participated in the giveaway.

I drew chits to come up with the winner from among all the participants, and the name that I pulled out was…Chetna Tripathi!


Chetna has a wonderful blog of her own where she talks about insightful topics pertaining to beauty and health, do check it out here. She has won a Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in the shade 109 and a Maybelline New York Color Sensational Diamonds Eyeshadow in the shade Topaz Gold. Hopefully, the products will reach her within a couple of weeks and she will like them 🙂

As for the rest of you, another giveaway will be announced soon, so do keep visiting the blog.



P.S. – Happy St. Patrick’s Day to my lovely friends from Ireland and everyone else who celebrates the day 🙂


Easy Nail Art For Beginners

If you are bored of monochromatic nails but do not have the time or steady hand to create intricate nail art then accent nails are the best solution for you. You basically paint your nails in the usual manner but add some design or contrasting shade to one of the nails on each hand. This will instantly enhance the beauty of your manicure without taking too much time or effort.



Here is an example that I created with orange nails and a metallic gold accent nail. You can use gold with warm colors or silver with cool toned colors to make your manicure look trendy. You can also add a pop of neon to neutral shades for a bright contrast. The options are infinite, just let the creative juices flow. I created my summery manicure with the Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days Gel Nail Colour in Orange Couture and the Colorbar Metallic Nail Lacquer in the shade Treasure.


Accent nails are an excellent option for beginners and are subtle enough to be worn on all occasions. Let me know what is your favorite accent nail design in the comments below 🙂

Also, since there are not many new entries on my giveaway this week, I will be announcing the winner of the giveaway tomorrow! So make sure to check out tomorrow’s post.

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Lotus Herbals Natural Blend Swift Makeup Stick in Honey Beige | Review

The Lotus Herbals Natural Blend Swift Makeup Stick is such a throwback to my college days. Back when I couldn’t afford a separate foundation, concealer, and sunscreen, this product was a crucial component of my daily makeup routine. With SPF 15 and light to medium coverage, it worked quite well with my almost blemish free skin. I purchased it again after so many years to review it for you folks.



The packaging of this makeup stick is perfect for on the go application. The stick foundation offers light coverage that can be built up slightly to cover small blemishes. It is creamy at the time of application but gives a matte finish on the skin. It does tend to crease and becomes a little uncomfortable to wear after 3-4 hours. Also, you can’t really blend this in with your fingers and will require a good brush or sponge for an even coverage. The shade I use is 710 Honey Beige, which is a slightly orange toned color that matches my skin tone quite well. Two lighter shades are also available in this range, so I feel that those with deeper skin tones can’t really benefit from this product.


Priced at INR 345 for a 10gm stick, I think it is a good option for young girls who require some coverage for their poreless, oily skin. However, if you have excessive pores or acne or suffer from dry skin then you will need to use a moisturizing primer and a concealer along with this stick to get a smooth finish.

I hope this review was helpful. Buy this product here.

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Loreal Paris Infallible Silkissime Eyeliner – Cobalt Blue | Review

I enjoy wearing colorful eyeliners on my waterline to break the boredom of my favorite black kohl. Blue eyeliner is a great way to add a pop of color to neutral makeup and is also a perfect accompaniment for blue eyeshadow.  However, most colored eyeliners aren’t really safe for the waterline and make me tear up so much! Just when I had given up on finding the perfect blue liner for my sensitive eyes, I heard rave reviews of the Loreal Paris Infallible Silkissime range and decided to give it a shot.


I purchased the shade Cobalt Blue, which is a bright, dark blue that I love. The formula is creamy and glides on the waterline for opacity in a single stroke. The eyeliner is smudge proof and waterproof, making it last for up to 6 hours on my eyes. It did tingle a little for a few minutes after application but bear in mind that I have extremely sensitive eyes, so it might not irritate a majority of people at all.



I tried to create a faint wash of blue on my lid by blending out the liner, but the formula is budge proof and hence creating a smoky look is hard unless you work with it quickly. The blue color looks stunning on the waterline though, which was my primary expectation from the product. Priced at INR 575, these liners come in a ton of different shades and I am already eyeing the golden and purple ones from the range. To conclude, this eyeliner is a winner unless you have unbearably sensitive eyes.

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Holi Greetings!!!

Hi everyone! Today I am busy with the Holi festivities but still wanted to check in and wish you all a colorful and joyous Holi.

For those of you who are not familiar with the concept of Holi, it is an Indian festival where people smear each other with brilliant colors to celebrate the advent of spring. Prior to this celebration, a bonfire is lit on the eve of Holi to symbolize the victory of good over evil.


I hope that everyone who is playing with colors today stays safe and uses environment-friendly products. Do indulge in a few sweets today, after all, Holi comes only once a year 🙂

Lots of love and best wishes,


P.S.-Do check out Saturday’s post for my tricks on how to stay safe this Holi.

Nykaa Pop Nail Enamel Black Licorice | Review

I am a big fan of dark nails and especially love black nail paint. Black is such a versatile color that you can never really go wrong with it. Short black nails look extremely chic whereas longer ones can make a bold statement. Both silver and gold rings can be thrown on to add a bit of sparkle. My favorite black nail paint is the Nykaa Pop Nail Enamel in the shade #84 Black Licorice.


It is a pure black color that becomes opaque in 2 coats. It has a medium shine and lasts on the nails for 5-7 days before it starts chipping. I would recommend using a top coat with this color to make it really stand out.


If black is not your color then I will recommend trying out the other shades from the Nykaa Pop Nail Enamel collection. The range of shades is very diverse and they all wear equally well on the nails. Priced at INR 149 for a 9 ml bottle, these nail paints are excellent in quality. They apply evenly and last long without staining the nails. Definitely worth a shot in my opinion.

Buy it here.

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5 Tips To Have A Safe Holi

Holi, the Indian festival of colors, is round the corner and if you are planning to partake in the celebrations then here are 5 tips that will ensure that you have a safe experience.

1. Protect your skin with coconut oil- Before you go out to play with colors, apply a generous amount of coconut oil on your body. This will protect your skin and hair from the colors by creating a film that will also prevent allergic reactions.

2. Prevent staining of the nails- If you do not want your nails to get stained with the colors then apply a coat of nail polish before you head out. Once you are done with the festivities then remove the nail polish with any remover. The Holi colors will come off along with the nail paint, leaving your nails perfectly clean.

3. Buy/Make natural colors, in bulk- A great trick to avoid harmful chemicals is to use natural colors. However, you cannot force others to do the same. A good way to encourage everyone to use natural colors is to volunteer to supply these for the event in your neighborhood. This small contribution will ensure a safe Holi for you and your friends.

4. Keep food items uncontaminated- If you are organizing a Holi party then ensure that the food table is away from the area of the festivities. Keep the food items covered and provide clean water and towels near the dining area so that the color does not contaminate the food. This is a simple trick to avoid ingestion of harmful substances.

5. Be prepared for small accidents- Carry along a waterproof pouch with tissues, cotton pads, wet wipes and a small bottle of water. This way, if some color accidentally enters your eyes or ears then you can use these items to get rid of it quickly.

These are my tips and tricks to stay safe while enjoying this lovely festival. I wish you all a great Holi. Hope you have a lot of fun with your dear ones.

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My love for Monochromatic Makeup

Hi guys! Thank God it’s Friday 🙂

Today I wanted to talk about a makeup trend that I really love, which is the monochromatic makeup trend. Basically what this means is that you follow the same color theme for both your eyes and your lips. The colors don’t need to be exactly similar but should belong to the same color family. For example, pink eyeshadow and nude pink lips, like I chose for my Valentine’s day look:


Or this bright red lipstick and soft red eyeshadow look. (Sorry about the picture quality, I took this photo with my phone in poor lighting)


I really enjoy playing with different shades of the same color all over my face. The red eyeshadow look is something that many people do not like but I simply adore. The look in this picture was one I created randomly but then liked so much that I had to share it with you. In case any of you are interested in a red monochromatic look then do let me know in the comments below, I will definitely dedicate a post to it with better pictures!

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Makeup Revolution Protection Palette – Medium | Review

I am back with another review today and I will be talking about the Makeup Revolution Protection Palette in the shade Medium. This brand is quite popular for making affordable dupes of high-end makeup products, so I decided to try out the Protection Palette that contains 4 powder products (a bronzer, a highlighter, a blush and a face powder) and 3 cream concealers. I have tested out these products thoroughly and here are my thoughts on each one of them.


Starting from the right, the highlighter is a gorgeous pearlescent shade with pink undertones. It shows up quite well on my skin but is a little powdery. The blush is a pretty pink shade which is not too bright and provides a natural flush to the cheeks. I have no complaints about this beautiful blush. The bronzer is a nice shade of brown and I love that it doesn’t contain any shimmer or orange undertones. It is excellent for contouring but unfortunately, the shade is a little light for my skin tone and is not dark enough to define my jawline as well as I would have liked.


The face powder is extremely light and I cannot use it at all, so I can’t really judge its quality. The concealers, however, are the stars of this palette. They are creamy and blendable and provide medium coverage. I use the lowest shade on my blemishes and the middle shade for my under eye area. I also mix all three shades to create custom colors for different parts of my face. They are a little slippery on the skin, but not enough to make me dislike them.


The giant mirror in the palette is perfect for on the go application and the sleekness of the packaging makes it easy to fit into a suitcase or handbag. Priced at INR 1350, this palette is a good investment if you find the right shades for your skin tone. There are two lighter options and one darker variant of the palette so you may want to test those as well while matching the colors. Personally, I prefer cream products for my face and usually reach for this palette only for the concealers. However, if you like powder based products then you will enjoy the blush, the bronzer, and the highlighter as well.

Buy the palette here for INR 1148.

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5 Beauty Hacks To Look Fabulous Without Any Makeup!

Happy International Women’s Day everyone! Although I am not in favor of singling out one day to celebrate womanhood, but since the damage is already done, let us talk about a topic that baffles a lot of women around the world. Yes, I am referring to the dilemma of how to look good without any makeup. So here are a few tricks and hacks that will make you feel more confident in your own skin and will help you celebrate your natural beauty.

1. Get rid of the redness- Concealer is one of those makeup items that most women find it hard to step out without. However, there are some easy ways to get rid of the redness caused by pimples. Ice your skin for 5-10 minutes to gain back your uniform skin tone. If you have more time at hand, then apply some toothpaste to the acne for at least a couple of hours. This will shrink the pimples and reduce the redness too.

2. Emanate a natural glow- Brightening foundations are not the only way to provide a radiance to the face. Every morning, after washing your face, massage your skin for 10-15 minutes with a good moisturizer. This will restore the healthy glow of your skin and will offer a lovely color to the cheeks.

3. Pump up the volume- Hair sprays and mousses are great for providing volume but they cause a lot of damage to the hair with long term usage. A simple way to achieve voluminous hair is to brush them upside down and then flip them upwards. This trick literally doubles the volume of my hair. If you always brush your hair upside down then they will retain a natural bounce without the help of any products.

4. Bye-bye eye bags- Puffy eye bags are every woman’s worst enemy. A great way to eliminate these without investing in expensive products is to apply a cold metal spoon to the under eye area. Keep the spoon in the freezer for some time and then place on your eye bags for a few minutes, your eye bags will disappear instantly!

5. Hydrate on the go- Facial mists are essential to reverse the damage of heat and humidity, especially when you are out and about. Instead of purchasing a costly facial spray, use a natural spray made solely out of rose water. This has cooling and hydrating properties and will keep the signs of tired skin at bay. Rose water makes for a great toner too.

These are some tips that will bring out your natural beauty and will remove the dependence on makeup. Remember, applying makeup should be a personal choice and not an obligation.

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The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Rough Body Scrub | Review

A body scrub that is quite gritty yet moisturizing is hard to come by. I found this gem when I was perusing the aisles of my local Body Shop store, on the hunt for a scrub that would eliminate my ingrown hair. The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Rough Body Scrub is a dream come true for me. Unlike the gentle scrubs that have soft beads, this one has a strong exfoliating action owing to the rough particles embedded in the golden gel.

Despite being a gritty scrub, this product leaves your skin supple and hydrated, thanks to the goodness of Argan oil. In fact, you can even get away without moisturizing after using this scrub. The product provides rescue from dry, scaly skin and the post waxing disasters that we call ingrown hair.


My only complaint about this product is the price, which is INR 1095 for a 200ml tub. However, this jar did last me for ages and I will definitely repurchase.

Buy it here.

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Wet n Wild Color Icon Comfort Zone Palette | Review

Those who do not like wearing makeup on a regular basis may still have a few lipsticks lying around, but not as many eyeshadows. On the other hand, makeup lovers are on a constant hunt for eyeshadow palettes that have a good mix of neutral and bold colors. The Wet n Wild Color Icon Comfort Zone Palette caters to the needs of both beginners and experts at applying eye makeup.



The palette has a total of 8 shades that consist of 2 browbone shades, 2 crease shades, 2 eyelid shades and 2 definer shades. All the shades are labeled accordingly and there are also different suggestions provided on the packaging regarding creating simple as well as dramatic looks. These instructions are very useful for those who are not comfortable with eyeshadows and will help to create a beautiful look without having to waste time on coming up with a good color combination. The brush that comes with the palette is quite useless and I always use my Zoeva blending brush with these colors.


The hand swatches are in the same order as placed in the packaging. Bear in mind that the colors look less pigmented on the hand than they do on the eyes. They are not overly pigmented, though, which is actually better for beginners as they can play around and blend out the mistakes. Also, the formula is a little powdery, so it is best to use a wet brush and apply some concealer or primer on the lids to avoid fallout and achieve more pigmentation. All the shades are blendable and buildable and you can create a ton of different looks by mixing and matching. My favorite colors are the two eyelid shades and the definer shade on the right. The definer shade is a unique combination of peacock blue shimmer embedded in a brown color, which looks amazing as a lid shade for a night out. Here is a colorful look that I created with all the shadows on the right side.


The only two cons of this palette are that all the shades are shimmery and that the formula is quite powdery. Other than that, I do not have any complaints about the palette as it helps me to create a new look each day. It is available for INR 1200 in India, which is quite good for 8 shades. I would recommend this palette to those of you who like earthy tones and are wanting to explore new eyeshadow looks.

Buy it here.

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