The Loreal Paris White Perfect Overnight Treatment | Review

Night creams are an excellent way to replenish the beauty of your skin which is subjected to pollution, makeup, and harsh sunlight throughout the day. I believe that a good SPF during the day and an excellent overnight treatment are essential for glowing skin, apart from a healthy lifestyle of course. However, when a night cream claims to provide the results of a laser treatment with regular usage, then the expectations hit the ceiling.


The Loreal White Perfect Laser Overnight Treatment, which has recently been rebranded as the Loreal White Perfect Clinical Overnight Treatment, claims to improve the radiance of the skin with faster skin renewal and removal of dead cells. It also promises to even out the skin tone by reducing melanin generation. To be honest, the claims stated on the website sound a little scary, but since I read exceptional reviews for this product, I decided to give it a shot. I am perfectly happy with the complexion of my skin tone, so I was only interested in the expedited skin renewal to get rid of pigmentation and marks. This product is so great at doing the same that I have been using it religiously for over 2 years.


The formula, prior to the rebranding, is of slightly thicker consistency and has a mild, fresh scent. You can feel a film of the product sitting on your face the next morning but quite a lot of the cream gets absorbed by the skin too. It is not heavy and does not clog the pores at all. It provides instant brightness to the skin and with prolonged usage, it heavily reduces acne scars and leaves the skin looking more youthful and evenly toned. I enjoyed the day cream and serum from the old range as well but found this night cream to be the star of the pack. I hope that the new version retains the goodness of its predecessor and I will soon report back aboutย all the products of the new Clinical range.

The night cream is priced at INR 1200 for a 50ml tub that will last you for several months. Overall, this product definitely gets 5 golden stars from me!

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7 thoughts on “The Loreal Paris White Perfect Overnight Treatment | Review

  1. Hey! I always absolutely love your reviews so I’ve just nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog so hopefully when you can you can go check it out!! xxx

    • Well, it does not leave my skin dry and it tingled very slightly for the first few applications, so it should be fine as long as you don’t have extremely dry or sensitive skin. However, I would recommend trying out the day cream first as it is milder.

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