What To Buy For A Makeup Lover: 5 Gifting Ideas

This post is dedicated to all the men who try to buy the perfect present for the women in their lives and also to anyone else who does not know much about makeup but wishes to gift something to a beauty lover. Here are 5 tips that will help you select a great and useful makeup item for the beauty addicts that you love.

1. Stay away from face products- It would be best to stay away from foundations, concealers, highlighters, bronzers and blushers because all these products need to be matched with the exact skin tone of the wearer. A slight mismatch in the shade can give horrible results and render the products useless, so go for these only if you know the exact shade that your friend uses from that brand.

2. Nail Polish is a savior- If your friend usually flaunts colors on her nails then you can’t really go wrong with a nice nail paint. Make sure to gift her a shade from a color family that she normally prefers. For example, if you often see her wearing pink on her nails then try to look for a shade of pink that she does not own.

3. Lipsticks bring a smile to the face- A humble lipstick is also quite a safe option to go for. Here too you will need to keep in mind the color choices of your friend. Keep an eye out for the lipsticks that she carries in her handbag, you can select a different shade from the same range. However, do not give her a bright red if she likes neutral lip shades.

4. Listen to her needs- Almost every beauty lover is always ranting about an amazing eyeshadow palette or lipstick that is so good but so expensive. Make a note of such wistful rants and you will know exactly what to buy for her on her next birthday. Just make sure that she hasn’t purchased the same for herself already!

5. Gift Cards are failproof- The easiest way to get out of this quandary is to give her a gift card for a beauty store that she likes to frequent, say Sephora. To add a more personal touch to this present, take her to the store or sit with her while she peruses their website.

These are some tips that will surely leave your friend surprised, impressed and super happy. The key is to pay attention to her style and notice what colors she leans towards. For the UK residents, Mother’s Day is around the corner so hopefully, these suggestions will help you out. Good luck with the shopping!

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