How Switching Up Your Skincare & Haircare Routine Can Help

There are two opposing schools of thought regarding whether or not one should stick to the same skincare and haircare products for a lifetime. The first school of thought recommends being loyal to the products that have worked for you over time and not confusing your skin with new ingredients. The second one suggests that moving on to different products after every few months will help because the skin stops responding well when it gets used to a particular product.

I am living proof that there is some truth in the second theory. I have noticed that I stop getting the same results when I continue to use a product for a long time. For example, a shampoo that used to make my hair look lovely starts leaving behind an oily residue and a face wash that had completely cleared up my skin is no longer able to fight acne. I have found the perfect way to battle this resistance that my body develops towards my favorite products.


Taking a cue from the first theory that is against confusing the skin with random formulations, I have devised a middle ground solution for the problem at hand. I note down the primary ingredients of my favorite shampoos and skincare products and then look for other brands that offer a similar formula. This way, I keep circulating between products that are different but fundamentally similar. Whenever I notice that a product is not performing as well as it did before, I switch to a similar alternative. Therefore, I do not have to bid a permanent goodbye to some amazing products and am able to maintain the health of my hair and skin too.


Of course, if you are lucky enough to get consistent results from the same product then you do not have to spend time and effort on this exercise. However, if your skin behaves like mine then you may benefit from this tip.

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  1. I agree. Switching actually helps. Though I do know a few people who stick to the same products through and through. What I do is I switch between seasons according to climate especially.

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