5 Unconventional Uses Of Baby Cream

There isn’t a single infant in my family but you can still find a tube of baby cream in each room of my house. “Why?”, you may ask. Simply because it is extremely gentle and has so many diverse uses. Here are 5 unconventional uses of baby cream that make this tiny tube an absolute essential for my makeup bag.

1. Relief from Rashes – Be it itchy rashes in your nether regions due to menstrual pads or the painful line left behind by tight trousers, baby cream will definitely provide instant relief. Just slather the creamy formula on irritated skin for a calming effect. The rash will disappear within a few hours.

2. Hair Mask – Believe it or not, baby cream can also double up as an amazing hair mask. This trick comes in handy when you are travelling and do not wish to carry too many products with you due to risks of spillage. Apply some cream to the ends of your hair and rinse thoroughly after 10-15 minutes for smooth and luscious locks.

3. Foot Cream- For super soft feet, douse them with generous amounts of baby cream and leave it on all night. Wear a pair of socks to bed to seal the moisture in place. You will wake up to baby smooth feet. This is yet another great use for baby cream, to rejuvenate the tired feet while travelling.

4. Overnight Lip Treatment- If you develop rough, blackened patches on the lips then applying a thin layer of baby cream before going to bed might be really helpful. The lips will become incredibly soft in a few days and the pigmentation will also disappear.

5. Solution for Scaly Skin- Sometimes, you may develop scaly skin as a result of drastic climate change or an allergic reaction. In such scenarios, application of baby cream to the affected areas, twice a day, will alleviate the symptoms within a few days. However, make sure not to apply the cream to broken skin.

Baby cream is a great travelling companion because it combines the efficacy of a lot of different products, thereby reducing the volume of liquids you need to pack. It is an inexpensive cure for an array of beauty issues, which is safe for sensitive skin as well. Next time, do give baby cream a shot before reaching out for costlier products.

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  1. I didn’t know that you can use it as a hair mask! I use baby face cream on my face because I have super sensitive skin and it helps.

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