The Body Shop Vitamin E Eyes Cube | Review

A majority of our time these days is spent in staring at laptop or cell phone screens and most of us are definitely not getting sufficient sleep. Tired and puffy eyes are inevitable under such circumstances, which is where this product comes into the picture. The aptly named Vitamin E Eyes Cube from The Body Shop definitely acts like an ice cube for the sore under eye area. It replenishes moisture while eliminating eye bags and providing a refreshing, cooling sensation.


I enjoy these kinds of roll on products because their massaging action helps to restore some life to tired skin. This product has a light, creamy texture which absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving any white cast. If you apply one coat then you do not even need to blend it in with your fingers. The formula is enriched with Wheatgerm Oil that contains Vitamin E, which is a magical ingredient for the skin. It reduces puffiness and dryness but does not lighten dark circles, which is fine because the product doesn’t even claim to do that.


The cute packaging is tiny enough to easily fit into the handbag for on the go assistance. I only wish that the price was not so steep (INR 1095 for 4gm).  Because of the high price, I would recommend to use this only when you are out and about and resort to cucumber slices or tea bags at home instead. However, if you are willing to splurge or grab it at a discounted rate then this could soon become a daily essential for you.

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  1. I need a product to lighten my dark circles 😑 Well reviewed dear 👌
    Much love ❤️

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