Beauty Bargains #1 Budget Eyeliner – Lakme Insta Liner

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a great day! I have decided to start a weekly series of posts about very affordable beauty and skincare products. The cost of most of these products will be less than INR 500 but I will try to find products that are even cheaper! These products are an excellent choice for beginners and those who just don’t want to spend too much money on makeup. I am kick starting this series with an extremely inexpensive eyeliner that I adore, the Lakme Insta Liner.


This is the first eyeliner that I ever purchased, simply because it is priced at only INR 110 for a 9 ml bottle and can be found at discounted rates on various shopping sites. The little bottle lasts me at least a couple of months and does not dry out even when stored for much longer durations. It is a matte black eyeliner with a thin applicator that resembles a paint brush. The brush is perfect for those who are experimenting with eyeliners for the first time as it is easy to control and can be used to create both a natural look as well as a dramatic one.


The formula is quite decent for the price, it is reasonably water resistant when dry but is not smudge proof. You may need a couple of swipes to get a true black color but the product is quite buildable and not patchy at all. Give it a few minutes to dry after application to achieve a dark, matte black look. It lasts on the eyes for up to 8 hours, but starts fading a little after a couple of hours and does not remain the blackest of black by the end of the day.


A very important factor is that although it is affordable, this formula does not irritate the eyes at all. When it comes to your face and especially your eyes, you should not compromise on quality at the risk of allergic reactions or long term damage. Lakme is a trustworthy brand and I can personally vouch that their products are perfectly safe and suitable for sensitive skin and eyes too.


I usually go for a very thin line just to define my lashes but today I created something a little more dramatic to show what you can achieve with this product. You just need to be careful not to rub your eyes because this product will smudge, bleed and even disappear if touched, but otherwise has great longevity. I believe that it is the best eyeliner available in India for such an incredible price and would definitely recommend it to everybody.

Buy it on for only INR 83!

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