Anatomicals The Buff Stuff Citrus Body Scrub | Review

Who doesn’t enjoy fun bath time products? They add an element of color to an otherwise mundane activity. If you are a firm believer in eye-catching packaging then Anatomicals is the right brand for you. This UK based company combines great skincare and bath products with quirky packaging that has a unique appeal. Today I will review The Buff Stuff Citrus Body Scrub from their range.


Usually, I am too lazy to use a body scrub because it adds yet another step to my shower routine, however, the fresh citrus scent of this scrub beckons me each day. The scrub comes in a bright pink and yellow tube with humorous quotes that will leave you giggling while the product works its magic on your skin. Furthermore, the actual color of the product is also a lovely grapefruit pink with tiny white scrub particles. The particles are gritty enough to help you get rid of dead skin and ingrown hair and daily usage will remove a tan uniformly to reveal soft and smooth skin.


I think that this body scrub is very effective, yet gentle enough for all skin types. As an added bonus, the formula is paraben free as well! What more could you ask for from a scrub that does not burn too big a hole in your pocket? You can pick up a 200ml tube for INR 650, which in my opinion is great value for money. So go ahead and give this amazing product a shot!

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