The Cure For Troubled Skin- Avene Cleanance Mask | Review

If your skin is oily and acne prone like mine then this product might be the answer to your prayers! The Avene Cleanance Mask is the face mask that I turn to every time I suffer from massive breakouts or when my skin generates excessive quantities of oil.


This unique product combines the exfoliating powers of a scrub with the oil-absorbing potential of a mask to create a tube full of skincare goodness. You can either use it as a daily scrub or as a weekly mask for deepย cleansing. To use as a mask, just apply the product to moist skin and leave it on for 5 minutes, then rub in the product with your fingers using circular motions and rinse with water.


Avene’s Cleanance range is particularly designed for oily skin issues and this product fits the bill perfectly. The exfoliating particles are quite gritty and do a great job of removing dead skin cells. When used as a mask, the soft clay helps to absorb excess sebum, leaving your skin supple and extremely soft. The product is also enriched with Avene Thermal Spring Water that is supposed to help calm irritated skin.


I really love this product but would like to throw out a word of caution that it does tingle a bit upon application and the scrubbing particles might be too harsh for sensitive skin. The only other con of this product is that it is priced at INR 1320 for a 50 ml tube, however, I would say that it is a product worth the investment, especially if your skin needs some major rescuing.

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  1. I’ve had various allergic reactions to some of their products unfortunately! But what about La Roche Posay’s products, have you ever tried them? They’re the only thing I use when it comes to acne. I think it’s a little more gentle to my skin and the name sounds so fancy too haha

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