Pocket-Friendly Makeup Storage Ideas

I try to keep my makeup as organized as possible and clean my makeup drawer from time to time. Sorting out your makeup storage area not only helps to keep things neat but also reminds you of all the stuff you have and what you need to buy (and not buy!). Here is a sneak peek into my makeup drawer.


I have organized all my lip products, eye makeup and face makeup in 3 separate shoe boxes. This helps me grab products quickly in the morning and the shoe boxes serve as very inexpensive storage options. The boxes can even be taped up securely when you move house, without any extra packing effort.

My hair pins and ties are in a few of the makeup bags that I receive from makeup subscription companies like FabBag, so they are almost free of cost as well. I make sure to have a few empty makeup pouches at an arm’s length, for throwing my favorite makeup into when I have to travel.


For my jewelry and other items, I retain small boxes from the packaging of the products that I purchase online. These boxes come in really handy for storing earrings and rings. Other than that, I have a few loose bottles and baubles stuffed in the crevices, because such is life. Overall I’m quite happy with my makeup drawer because it is reasonably neat and functionally efficient.

Do you spot a favorite product or something you want to be reviewed? Let me know in the comments!

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