Feminine Hygiene with VWash PLUS | Review

The topic of feminine hygiene is still quite taboo in many parts of the world. In the recent years, a few feminine hygiene products have been launched in the Indian market but they are not spoken about enough and a majority of the female population is unsure about their benefits.


Most of the women in my family wash their intimate areas with soap, although soap may effectively clean the intimate region, it is not the best way to wash this sensitive area. A pH of around 3.5 is optimal for the health of the vaginal flora, which is the bacteria that produces substances like lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide that keep infections at bay. Regular soap is not specifically designed to maintain this pH balance, which is why incorporating a vaginal wash in your hygiene regimen is crucial.


VWash PLUS is a vaginal wash that contains lactic acid to curb infections and maintain a pH of 3.5 while cleansing the intimate regions. It is a transparent runny fluid that can be used on the intimate areas, just like liquid soap. It does not cause any irritation or tingling during application and leaves the intimate areas clean and smelling fresh. This product is readily available at all drugstores and online portals at a price of INR 160 for a 100 ml bottle. I think this a small investment to make for the health of one of the most delicate parts of the body.

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