Bioderma Micellar Water | Review

I love the wide array of makeup removers that have hit the drugstores but still do not feel satisfied until I lather up my face and splash it with water. On the occasions when I do use makeup wipes or micellar water, I still end up going for a second cleanse with a face wash so that my skin feels completely fresh and the pores are unclogged.

I do love Bioderma for removing my eye makeup as it works wonderfully with even waterproof mascara and does not irritate the eyes. It does remove face makeup really well too but my skin still needs a more thorough scrubbing to breathe freely.


I would definitely recommend this product because it removes makeup quickly and is suitable for sensitive skin. A 250 ml bottle of Bioderma Sensible H2O is available on at INR 945. It may seem a bit expensive but you only need a few drops to clean your entire face and neck area. Also, it is much lighter on the skin than most makeup removers that I have tried and gets my vote of approval!

Do let me know what is your favorite product for makeup removal!

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