Loreal Paris go 360 Anti-Breakout Facial Cleanser

I first used the Loreal Paris go360 Clean Anti-Breakout Facial Cleanser many years ago and then forgot all about it. It was a couple of weeks ago when my skin started breaking out terribly that I suddenly recalled how this face wash had sorted my skin out several moons ago. I immediately repurchased this product and my skin is already in a much better shape!


The formula is tailor-made for acne prone skin and contains salicylic acid that always works better for me as compared to benzoic acid. However, the star of this product is the cleansing brush that comes along with the face wash. It is a plastic pad with tiny bristles that helps provide a much better cleansing action than washing the face with your fingers. My skin feels squeaky clean after I use this brush and it even gets the gross stuff out of the pores.


The fact that this brush resembles the head of an electric facial cleansing brush has encouraged me to think about investing in the gadget. However, if you want to try out a less expensive version first, then this face wash & brush duo is a good place to start. I think the go360 range has a face wash for sensitive skin and an exfoliating scrub as well, all of which come with a plastic scrub. A 178 ml bottle of either of these products is priced at around INR 400 but is usually available for around INR 300 on online portals. This time I will be holding on to the brush even when I run out of the face wash!

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