Loreal Paris Infallible Setting Spray

What could be better than a product that extends the longevity of your makeup by hours? I can’t think of anything more useful. The Loreal Paris Infallible Pro-Spray & Set is a setting spray that makes my makeup last for an unbelievable 12 hours regardless of the products that I use underneath.


The spray comes out as a fine, fragrant mist that dries within a minute, leaving a slight glow on the face. I achieve best results if I combine this spray with matte products. I feel that it also prevents makeup from settling in the lines and provides a blurred and perfectly blended look, quite like a primer.


I reserve this product only for special occasions when I need to look impeccable because I obtained mine at a steep price of INR 2200! However, I have noticed that the 100ml bottle is now available for INR 1600 on some websites but I still think that it is too much money to spend on an item whose job can be mimicked by a great primer or a long lasting foundation. I would recommend this product to those whose job demands looking flawless at all times or who wish to use this strictly for particular events.

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