Loreal Paris Elvive Fibrology Thickening Shampoo: Voluminous Hair in a Bottle!

Sometimes, Genies do exist in bottles, and if you do not believe me then try out this shampoo for evidence. The Loreal Paris Elvive Fibrology Thickening Shampoo lives up to its claims of providing a new-found volume to your hair. This magical potion contains the revolutionary ingredient called Filloxane which is supposed to penetrate the hair and provide them with a long-lasting thickness and bounce.

I have very fine limp hair that becomes extremely oily at the roots within a day of washing but this shampoo salvages my hair from all these problems. I could see a visible improvement in the volume at the roots from the very first wash and it further increased after a couple of washes. When I stopped using this shampoo I noticed a significant decrease in the thickness of the strands, so clearly this product does make a difference.


The formula has the typical Loreal scent which does not linger on after rinsing. It is white and has a liquid (but not runny) consistency that provides great lather. It does leave the hair slightly dry and lacking in the moisture department, but with my oily hair, it is perfect.


The range also includes a conditioner, a mask, a thickness booster and a leave in serum. I have tried the conditioner as well but feel that the shampoo is more potent when it comes to adding volume. Unfortunately, this range has not been launched in India and therefore purchasing it on amazon.com or eBay is the only way that I can get my hands on it. Although the range is available at drugstore prices in the UK (ยฃ3.50 for a 400 ml bottle), due to the import cost and shipping charges I have to shell out around INR 2000 for the same :(. I wish that the range gets released in India soon so that I can purchase the entire set of products without exhausting my bank balance! I highly recommend this product to add life to limp hair, this is indeed a game changer when it comes to volume.

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