Favourite Foundation: Loreal Paris Infallible 24H foundation

Can you tell that this is my favorite foundation? This is the only foundation I have used throughout 2016, it is the Loreal Paris Infallible 24H foundation in the shade 250 Radiant Sand (Sable Eclat). I have at least two bottles of this foundation lying around in my house at all times so that I never run out of this holy grail product.

Amongst all the foundations that I have tried till date, I feel that this particular shade is the only perfect match for my skin tone and I do not have to compromise or mix together two shades like I have to do with other foundations. I believe that the foundation is available in 11 different shades in India, both pink toned and yellow/brown toned so that almost everyone can find a near exact match. This is what I love the most about this foundation, the shades are on point and there is a wide range spanning all Indian skin tones, be it fair or dusky. With most foundations I feel that the shade that matches my complexion is always too orange or muddy looking, so I have to choose between either that or a lighter shade which is way too pink or pale for me. Radiant Sand, however, is a yellow toned shade that is such a blessing, I hope Loreal never discontinues this product or else I will have to resort to my color mixing skills again.

The formula is neither runny nor too thick, provides medium to full coverage and is very blendable and forgiving. You can use multiple layers for a flawless finish or go with a single layer for a more natural look. It blends seamlessly with the skin whether you apply it with your fingers, a brush or a sponge, I personally prefer using my Real Techniques foundation brush for easy application. The packaging is sleek and the bottle comes with a pump, the entire face and neck never need more than 2 pumps even for a fuller coverage. The only downside of the packaging is that the pump stops dispensing the foundation even though you can see quite some product still left at the bottom, but you can get around that if you are resourceful (keep the bottle upside down for a few hours :)).

The formula sets to a comfortable matte finish with a good staying power of at least 8 hours on my skin, although I need to powder around the 5-hour mark thanks to my oily skin. With a good primer or setting spray, I have been able to extend the wear time to up to 12 hours, which is great considering my skin tends to get rid of makeup quite fast anyway. It also contains SPF18 which is always an added bonus as we can’t ever get enough sun protection in India.

Different shades are available from INR 1,300 to INR 1,400 in various drugstores and online portals. Let me go and stock up on some more bottles now!

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